Rob Holding (16)


Not a talent.


Best young CB in the prem. Manchester city wouldnt pay £50 if he wasn’t.


You mean Holding has got them?


Usually Stoke injure one of our players and today Holding injured one of theirs. Thought he was kind of at fault for their goal though, shouldn’t have let his man in.


their goal was a handball it shouldnt have stood anyway


Agreed but he still shouldn’t of let his man get a cross in that easily


Hearing you’re name chanted at the end is a great feeling - Holding


Holding my heart at the moment.


:+1: :slight_smile:


Top class again the lad


This kid, Kudos to Wenger on this signing, he has been nothing short of brilliant for us. If he gets better and better what a fucking player we will have!


A true gem. Played like a boss once again.


The kid is special there’s little doubt about that I love his aggression just as much as his composure and quality on the ball.

He got into it with Costa early and let him know he was going to give him a game.

What a bargain he is.


He’s been a real bright spot since he came in, I can’t wait to see how he progress next season. Such a great prospect for the future. Bit of good old Northern grit :welbeck:


I just hope that he isnt like the rest of our players, if he ever gets injured then he turns really poor and takes him a season to recover his form i hope if and when an injury arises he comes back just as good as he was before inury, or he doesnt have a huge lull in performance.


I’m very please for Holding not only for his development but his success sends a message to other young English talent that Arsenal will give you the opportunity to prove yourself and we will give you the more than a single chance



The town of Bolton might as well close. They will never get anything better than Holdini they have peaked.

2M!! Has to be the greatest robbery the world has ever seen :heart_eyes:


YES ROBERT!!! :poldi:


Really like the look of Holding. WE do go a little OTT on some of our young talent, but this lad does have the look of a future Arsenal and England Captain (see him winding up Costa today was a thing of beauty) The little we’ve seen of him and he does look the real deal, would love to see him with a full season behind him in the first team before we start calling him a legend or anything. Definitely think he’s first on the team sheet for the back come next season. Let’s hope he doesn’t bugger off in a few years to City or something.