Rob Holding (16)


Good performance again


21 year old playing like 30.


Running out of words for this guy. Just so good. :heart_eyes:


Is this stat correct? We conceded 4 to Liverpool! Doesn’t sound right to me.

I rate the guy though, future captain (maybe)


I thought it sounded a little too good to be true, including the Liverpool game with conceded 10 goals in 12 which is still pretty decent but nice catch anyway.


What??? You know what happens to our captains, they leave in a season or two or the more recent trend is, they hardly play. So, I’d rather he is never captain.


Like a veteran!


That was more tongue in cheek.

I’d actually rather we didn’t put any pressure on him for a while and just appreciate that we may have found a future star. But knowing our fan base, he’ll be booed and harassed the minute he makes 1 major error. I don’t even think that backpass incident on Sunday was entirely his fault either, Kos should take some responsibility for that.


Didn’t catch the game but love the encouraging plaudits he has been receiving! Good on you Rob!


Don’t think that’s a fair comment. The fact that there was hardly any mention (at least I didn’t come across any) of that back pass on the forum is proof that most of our fans aren’t that fickle. Let’s not forget, we have had some clowns play for us in the CB position and they have never been booed.

The only thing that worries about the situation with Holding is that he is being hyped up so much by the Arsenal fans and some pundits that it might affect the way he thinks and plays. A bit like what happened with John Stones. I just hope he can keep his feet on the ground and realise that he has a heck of a long way to go and that key to being the best in the world is consistency.


Rob “Tony Adams” Holding? :giroud:


Been really impressed with him in a back 3

Think thats the only way he will get games sadly because when we play a aback 4 AW obviosuly prefers Kos and Mustafi


Mertesacker is nowhere and I think Gabriel might be moved on so he’s moving up the pecking order pretty quickly given his age


What a prospect this kid is, smashed it again today and gave Arnautović a taste of his own medicine.

Holding is the future and definitely needs his own smiley, make it happen!




Love the full blooded, strong tackles he was making today. He wasn’t messing about and I loved it when he went all in against Arnautovic. Proper CB.


I loved the way he took a clever yellow on Arnatuvic without a second thought. Looks way above his age at the moment.


Holding, Mustafi and Koscielny could be a very strong unit, even more so if Chambers is able to build on his potential.


We’ve got one of the 3 top English centre back talents of the next generation.

Holding, Keane, Maguire?