Rob Holding (16)


very nearly scored a decent header today…juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust a little too high an inch other the bar.


Exactly could be a great prospect for us - just needs to be given game time to progress, needs to bulk up too.


NOT WORTHY. :raised_hands:


Chambers has had a cracking season at Boro as well.

Holding, Mustafi and Chambers could be our back line for a very long time to come. That would be fantastic.


What’s​ wrong with Tony and his suits?


Looks like he should be Big Tone’s son :joy::joy:


what the fuck is he wearing.


Oh yeah, I see what he’s going for. The tried and tested classic; The Bilbo:


And 48m cheaper than John Stones. WENGERMAGIC.


That’s a nice shot for Tony Adams collection at home.



Superb performance from the young lad. He’s had to wait very patiently for his opportunties this season, but what a time to deliever a top notch performance. I really hope he goes onto big things here. We’ve had so many promising players that didn’t develop as well as they should’ve, but this guy has the credentials to go far.

Well done Rob!


I did laugh when he booted the ball out of play for a cheap City corner. If that goes in then he’s getting dogs abuse on here after the game :laughing:

That said, in general I like the composure from someone his age in a Wembley semi final. Great experience for him and yes just maybe we have a new English centre back to get excited about


He costed only 2 mil. Wenger knows best agsin :hipster:


If you didn’t know who was who, you wouldn’t think that the man on the right is over the moon to meet the man on the left. I mean, Tony looks starstruck. Rob looks as calm and composed as he does on the pitch.

About that incident, the commentators said he showed his naivety there but I thought that was a breath of fresh air. He didn’t know who was around him or how close they were so just booted the ball out as all good defenders should do. Safety first. Isn’t that what we teach all young defenders. Trust your instinct and always choose safety first.


For me it’s more that Holding should have been able to put that out for a throw in rather than a corner. His get rid of the ball policy in that instance was spot on though, if in doubt get it out, as my old football coach used to scream at me.



The century in which he wears them.



Love his confidence to take on one of the world’s best strikers in that sort of a position on the pitch, all by himself. What I liked about that the most was that that felt like his natural response to the situation. It didn’t feel coached, like he was asked to retain possession of the ball. He looked calm, composed and in control and that usually means he is confident in what he is doing and it’s not something he was forced to do.