Rob Holding (16)


How can these players possibly be on the list? The latter two he’s done a nice (great in the case of Iwobi) job to give a chance to them but they have not evolved at all under his watch. Fábregas also struggled greatly at Barça thanks to a lack of tactical nous/intelligence, which could arguably be a byproduct of having developed primarily under Wenger.

You missed Arteta on that list, btw, though Arteta is a tactical genius of a man who pretty much made the switch to 6 himself in 11-12, so I would mainly just give credit to Wenger shipping off Song and giving Arteta the 6 position fully in 12-13.


Maybe is too fast to mention two or three players despite they have played two years of CL football as starter, but for the rest, every players which I have mentioned is grareful to God to have met Arsène Wenger in their career.

I’m with you, as you know, about Arteta, not for Cesc. The spaniard “failed” in his country because there were two aliens to beat to be starter and the pressure on him was high (his experience reminds me to Andre Gomes this year - but Cesc played much better than Gomes did until now).


How many of those players you listed are defenders by trade? Cole, Kolo, Sagna, Clichy, Kos and Bellerin. I wouldn’t count Vermaelen as he was already an established defender and Belgian captain when he joined us and as for Eboue, don’t think you seriously mean that. Of those, how many would you count as truly world class, and by that I mean players who were consistently one of the best in the business for at least 2 or 3 seasons, if not more. Cole, Sagna and Kos. That’s it.

So really, his record when it comes to grooming young defenders into WC talent, isn’t all that great.


Considering we are likely to play in the Europa League next season, Holding has a good chance to play more games. This kid deserves a massive chance.


Of course, but Wenger has a different football culture than an italian manager, for example.

Try to name defenders launched by Pep, for example.


He also turned Lilian Thuram into the best right back in the world.







Has to keep his place now


fucking top notch player for a kid so young, dare i say it (without puking) reminds me of what terry used to be like when he was young and as much as i hate the twat he was one hell of a a CB


Absolute breakout performance. He’s got to play more now. Him, Kosh and Mustafi as the 3 at the back could be phenomenal and he’d have exactly the right players around him to learn from.


World Class.


Great prospect. Keep it going Robbo


Probably the finest centre back England has ever produced


Chavski will have a long debate with you about that comment lol!


They can shut the fuck up before they even start because Tony Adams shits all over that filthy racist cunt they call a captain.


And Mancity paid 50M for a player that has been nothing but a liability and couldnt even play today haha


Rob Holding>Tony Adams>Sol Campbell>Jamie Carrrrragher>Every Englishman’s nan>John Terry




Solid performance, calm and doesn’t panic, isn’t overawed by the occasion. Let’s hope he adds goals to his repertoire - much needed CB in the making.