Rob Holding (16)


Please no! I hate the obsession how any time we have a CB who’s good on the ball there’s then talk of moving him to midfield where his skills which are a plus in his current position suddenly would look ordinary. Let the players who have been formed as midfielders be midfielders, a good centre midfielder has it in his DNA thanks to playing there since he’s a little tot.

Now, if Flamini was still here, yes, I’d play Holding at DM before him. :slight_smile:


I’d play Cech at DM ahead of him.

As for Holding he is very good value for a third or fourth choice CB but after a few games, of which the first one or two were poor, it’s a bit early to know if he is as good as Stones.


Also having ball playing centre backs is a real plus in the modern game and not just the modern game, the great Milan team was led from the back by Maldini. It’s great having long passes to start attacks from deep from Mustafi and both of your centre backs being able to dribble past a couple of players to give you a numeric advantage in attack or midfield.

Being able to pass out the back is underrated by fans. If your defender passes to the opposition, ie Gabriel then it’s one of the worst defensive mistakes you can make. But not only that but attacks start from your CB.


A shame he’ll be limited to appearances this season. I love the KOSTAFI axis but Rob showed some promising early signs. I wonder if Wenger has a predetermined thought of who he’d like to see succeed here? out of all three of Gabriel, Calum and Rob but I’d assume he’d like at least one of the Englishmen to prevail as a term of investment and future values.


I tend to notice DM’s go CB, but not the other way around.

Martinez and Mascherano are the two that stick out in my mind tbh. Can’t think of a single example for the other way.


Eric Dier was CB, wasn’t he?


Alex Song? Can’t remember if he started as a CB before going into midfield, or if he was a midfielder who could also play at CB.

Lahm wasn’t a CB of course but he did make a successful transition into playing in midfield.

That’s all I can come up with, so I reckon it must be pretty rare.


Yeah but he was shit…


I’m not even sure Song knew where he was playing for us towards the end of his career.


Alex Song plays for Rubin Kazan. I did not know that lol


Ummm Mr Emmanuel Petit?


That’s is a excellent shout. I’m a little ashamed I didn’t remember him


He was a midfielder that turned CB right? Not a CB that moved forward? Or am I mistaken


He was like CB when we signed him, Arsene put him in midfield


Ah fair enough. Thank you! :slight_smile:


A fine performance from the young man. You can put aside his mistake with the goal as a mere blemish to what was a calm, conserved and effective performance from Rob. He played with no nerves and it really showed, which is strange and awesome at the same time because if his performances since joining us have been anything to go by, we’ve unearthed something special here.


Impressed with the lad tonight. Keep this up and he’ll be a solid performer for years to come. Okay, one mistake tonight, but I think we can allow him that.


I thought he did a great job. I don’t think the goal was really his fault either.


Nah the goal was mainly his fault but overall he put in a very solid performance for his Champions League debut, I think he has a fair bit more potential than Chambers to make it at Arsenal.


Koscielny has spoiled me. I know see a defender without athleticism and find him inadequate.

That said, Rob looks promising.