Riyad Mahrez


To be fair to Leicester, they are in a situation where, like us, they are having to sell their best player.
But unlike us, they don’t have the pulling power to be able to replace him with a similar player.

When he signed a new contract, I was a bit surprised because the season they won the PL, Mahrez was considered to be one of the top midfielders in Europe, and could have chosen almost any club in Europe, so why did he and his agent think it was a good idea?

It seems as if Mahrez is the person to have made a mistake, but still expects Leicester to just roll over and let their best player go.


Probably because Leicester said we’re losing Kante and at the time I believe they were at the mercy of Vardy’s release clause which was still under discussion with us (and Vardy’s agent was supposedly trying to get interest from Liverpool and United etc).

My assumption at the time was “you’re not leaving under any circumstances, so sign this 100k a week deal or stay on 15k” (or whatever he was on).

The failure was to land a fair release clause in his deal (45-60m). I think he (and everyone else on the planet) just assumed they’d just accept a 40-50m bid if it happened a year later.

You can’t blame them for doing what they’re entitled to do, it’s just a shame since they’re going nowhere. If Mahrez stays for 2 more years he’s finishing 7th-10th for 2 more years. Feels pointless all round.


He’s still not turning up to work then? :smile:


He’s bigger than Leicester. Should’ve went to a top club after winning them the league


I forgot to add, as frustrated as Mahrez is and has every right to be it doesn’t look very professional from him to the bigger clubs that he wants to play for, should probably return to training soon because he’s made his point


Not been at Training since the 29th January :joy:


Yeah, don’t know why he has decided to stay. They were never gonna repeat that fantastic season. He has fucked himself up.


Isn’t the point of strikes generally that they’re self-imposed?


I don’t know why should we take this guy if he refuse to work for the club, while we are (still) damning Sanchez for the same reason.


Sanchez didn’t do that…


I did not mean “strike”, I meant he wanted to leave, and showing attitude, ball hog too much on the field, holding the club to ransom… kind of like that



Like they aren’t stacked enough.

Wish we had gotten him last season… class player.




probably sell Sterling


Pleased for Mahrez…he has wanted a move to a big club for so long…just a shame we didn’t sign him two seasons ago…should have signed him and Kanté from Leicester City.

An attacking midfield of Özil, Mkhitaryan and Mahrez with Aubameyang up front would have been like watching porn for 90 minutes.


Man (and other guys)… please don’t compare watching football and watching porn ever again.

Don’t tell me you get a hard on and ejaculate from watching football…:stuck_out_tongue:


It was a figure of speech…!


I masturbate frequently when watching football :slight_smile:


If Sky Sources are breaking this I assume the medical happened yesterday.