Riyad Mahrez


2 ways of looking at it. Yes, Mahrez has served his club well the last 2 years in spite of putting in a transfer request (puts the likes of Sanchez and Diego Costa to shame)

However, Leicester are doing exactly what we’re not in the transfer market. They have a price for mahrez that they believe should be met. Furthermore, Manchester City don’t have a divine right to sign any player they want, particularly when the club they’re doing business with don’t have ample time to purchase a replacement


Fans will grumble for a few weeks until he starts scoring goals again and then the adulation will resume once more. If he really stops caring tho and the goals/assists dry up it will be a long 6 months for him, awkward


And yet it’s exactly what almost every good Arsenal player has done in the last decade (though I guess you could quetion the amount of the raise in our case).


It’s occurred to me the reason nobody has signed him to date is because of the price tag that Leicester have put on him.

If City baulked at the cost then I suspect we (along with a handful of other clubs) must have made an approach previously but walked away.


No they don’t. Not as a matter of course at least.


I always found the suggestion that he was available for decent price in summer, a bit ridiculous.




Leicester being cunts then. Let him leave ffs!


Why? It doesn’t do anything for them to let him leave for a price they don’t see fit.


Malcom or Mahrez in the summer? Guess our number target is Bordeaux winger.


Is it just me or is Mahrez not worth £80m?


I’d say what City offered (65M) was the correct price for him.


I rate Mahrez but I think more around the 50 million mark is what he’s worth.


I wouldn’t pay more than £40m for Mahrez personally.


Same, £50m and Delph is reasonable even in this market.

He just doesn’t have that superstar power.


Yeah I think so.

But if he had won Leicester the title in today’s transfer market (and not 1.5 seasons ago) and he was 24/25 years old, I think in the coming summer he might go for £80m. But then again, I think a lot of clubs would have been slightly fearful he was having a freak year again. I guess if City had signed him this window for £65m then it would have been about right (maybe a bit toppy).

The market is so fucked now anyway so next summer £80m might be bargain.


Malcom. I think we shouldn’t invest, for now, in players who are in the second half of their 20s.



Buddy the ticket costs 90mil, not 30 pounds. But you seem nice and can have it for 50mil no problem. That’s a 45% discount one simply cannot frawn upon. Promise you will enjoy the experience.


Delph on 100k a week isn’t 15m to a Leicester level club, if they have to pay him 100k a week. They could get in the next Kante for 15m and pay him 50k a week. So really it’s a 50m deal.

Also I can see why Leicester are asking more from money city. PL player of the year in his prime years. If Lukaku is 90m and Mendy, Stones and Walker are 50m players and Chamberlain 40m you have to value Mahrez around 70m in January. They could probably get 60m for him in 18 months time so why sell in January with 2 1/2 years on his deal?

Money City playing the ‘not meeting out valuation card’ is making them look like Arsenal because they’ve botched up Alexis and Mahrez deals over a few million while spending 300million on their defence. Everyone knows they have money to spend.