Riyad Mahrez


Can he play on the right?


Fuck Mahrez. Main reason of them winning the title over us. This is his karma.


Pleased City didn’t sign him. He would have only been a short term fix at City and may have not got much game time from Pep who won’t renew interest in the player in the summer. Hopefully Mahrez’s form goes out the window and Leicester decide to sell in summer…would still love this guy at Arsenal.


can see him being useless for the rest of the season, he’s wanted to leave Leicester since the season after they won the league and they still haven’t sold him, even though they let Kante and Drinkwater leave


I thought he’d end up rejected by everyone and then going somewhere like Inter out of the blue. But if Leicester really are going to be dicks about the price then he might just be stuck there forever.

If it is true they put his price at 95m then I think he can see that as them standing in his way and wouldn’t be surprised if his form disappeared for the next few months.

Then again, he signed a new contract with no release clause despite knowing he was going to leave so he’s an idiot.


This. Will never know why they sign new deals when they’re not 100% committed.

Greed I guess


Was going to say that. What a stupid thing to do that!


Riyad Mahrez is “depressed” that a proposed record move to Manchester City is being stopped by Leicester, a friend of the winger has told Sky Sports News.

A friend of Mahrez says the player feels he has done everything he can for Leicester City during his four-year stint and cannot understand why the club would pass up on huge profit for someone they paid just £350,000 for in 2014.

The friend said: "Riyad is very depressed this evening over the events of the last two days. He doesn’t understand why Leicester have behaved in the way they have.

"This is the fourth transfer window in which Leicester have said they will allow him to leave. He feels very strongly that he has done everything in his powers for the club.

"He played a huge part in Leicester’s promotion in his first season. He then helped them make history in winning the Premier League title and he has done what the chairman has asked of him, which is to stay at the King Power and secure the club’s Premier League safety.

"They have let N’Golo Kante and Danny Drinkwater go. He would have been the record sale in the history of the club and the record purchase for Manchester City. By my calculations, Leicester would have made £59.8m profit on the player they bought from Le Havre for £350,000.

"He’s been told by many of his former team-mates that, to get out of Leicester, you have to go to war, which he has tried to avoid. He’s given his all for Leicester this season so that he could leave in this window.

“Joining Manchester City would have been a dream for him. Playing for Pep Guardiola is something he is still desperate to do. That seems a long way off right now. He’s very down about how he’s been treated by a club he has served so well.”


Aren’t release clauses illegal in England?



Chelsea activated Kante’s and we activated Vardy’s.


They’re uncommon for obvious reasons and clubs will rather pay some extra to avoid them.

Just sucks when they then proceed to outprice potential buyers and so fuck over their own players.


If a club sells you, they have to pay you the remainder of your contract. That’s why handing in a transfer request is last ditch option.


Even with the signing of a contract, I have quite a bit of sympathy for Mahrez here


I personally cant empathise with someone earning huge wages doing the job they love.

If he wanted out then why sign any contracts.

He should stop crying and get on with his job. End of.


Well yeah. If your salary doubles, triples or gets even more of course you’ll sign a renewal. Especially if interest of other clubs is an uncertainty. Keeping your earnings lower op purpose/not renew your contract with a raise, because there might be another club that wants you seems illogical.


I don’t think that’s true. They have to pay 10% of the transfer fee as far as I remember.


This is poorly managed by Leicester. They essentially promised him a move in the future when he signed a new deal and they were going to get him go last summer if they got a 50m offer and now they won’t take 60m. Remember how he played crap after he didn’t get a move 18 months ago, he’ll be back to that now.

Mahrez re-newed when teams wanted him after winning the player of the year award. He re-newed without a clause. It was poor management from his agent.


I sympathise with Mahrez, regardless of whether he earns £12,000 a year or £2m a year he’s being prevented from scaling the career ladder. But it’s his representatives who he should be angry with, not Leicester


The other thing is it shows what despicable arrogant cunts money city are trying to fuck over clubs on deadline day. If they bid for Alexis or Mahrez a month before deadline day they could have had either. Then again maybe these deadline day bids are a way of tapping up for the next window, when they offer less.



Missed two training sessions in a row. Is he in breach of his contract here?

They’re going to have a tough job getting his morale up again. He has served that club well – he was instrumental in their title winning season. But it’s clear he has outgrown the club.