Riyad Mahrez


Nah, prior to the injury he’s been bossing it and taking the reigns as leader in the defence tbh.


I bet everyone would love to be in their position to show how wise they can be with all that money.

Sorry but I can’t indulge in this weird admiration of City’s transfer acumen.

They are hoarding players at the moment & clearly making a mockery of FFP on top of inflating the market with other cunt clubs out there.


They turned down 95M?! :joy: what the fuck!! :joy:


He’s gonna die there :rofl:


They’ve well and truly Arsenal’d that one, expect him to run about 5km less than everyone per game now and score about once between now and May


can’t believe they rejected £95 million.

However I do feel if City had bid that a couple days ago he would have went.

City being last minute cunts again


I don’t believe it. Even Leicester aren’t that stupid.


They didnt reject 95mil.

Leicester proposed a 95mil price tag and City said no.


That makes more sense.


Well-done Leicester! Fucking oil cunts! Die in flames!


When you just throw money around for fun, if you target a player the team hes under contract with is going to try and fleece you. However yeah I agree, if there was more time they probably could have got it done.

I would love Mahrez in the summer though, he could take that wing position in a 433 and make it his. Then we could drop Laca.


Die in flames, jesus christ Luca chill my dude :arteta:


You have no idea. Should have seen MDC and the Wenger threads last night.




Part of me really wants to think they wanted to sign Mahrez just because Sane is out for six weeks.


Can’t stand the fact they are buying their way to glory.


It doesn’t say that, it says Leicester wanted 95m package probably including a player and City were offering 60m max


That should be in the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.
I can just see it.




To keep a player at a club who clearly is unhappy.

"Sanchez wanted to move to a bigger club but was “Arsenal’d”


Mahrez won’t be able to even retire at Leicester


welll I cant believe it. A mighty fuck off to city. But that being said, They’ll get more than that for him in the summer. He’s definitely on the radar and wants out. Would love him on the wing here. Stellar player. World class on his day.