Riyad Mahrez


35 Mil tops.


fair play to Leicester if they manage to hold onto to him


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He seemed like a bit of a fanny the other day. Too happy to shrink into the background when things aren’t going the teams way. I’d take him but he’ll always be a hot and cold player.


Mahrez has had a hugely 'Ramsey’esqe career trajectory.

Probably stick him on par with Welbz and Theo tbh.


Mahrez is not on par with Theo and Welbeck. They have never had a season like 14-15 and have also never had a ceiling that is clearly as high as Mahrez is. What he did in the big games and the small ones is a strong indication of his quality as a player.


Phenominal season no two ways about it. Doesnt appear to be remotely capable of emulating it though. We can be lazy and state its probably motivation. But can you honestly look at his other seasons and say that he is a perennial under performer?


He needs to get out of Leicester asap. He will rot there otherwise.


I’d still have him if we could/would get a good deal. I think his style would suit us well, and we’re a reasonable choice for him in some ways as well.


His technique is obviously much better than both, but last year Theo had a better season than Mahrez statistically by a distance. Leicester fans weren’t too pleased with him last season. Theo’s generally had better seasons than Mahrez. Obviously if he gets back to his 15/16 form it’s a no contest but that’s no guarantee and that’s why no clubs risked going in for him. His attitude and lack of fight seems pretty bad too.


We should definitely be in for him especially as we aren’t going for anyone better.
If Sanchez leaves or Cazorla is injured for most of the season, or both, we will need a decent quality player in midfield and he is a lot better than nothing.
Knowing Wenger’s ambition he will stick with what we already have, even if Sanchez doesn’t stay and Cazorla doesn’t play either.


Think he already had one foot out of the door last summer, so to speak and was simply told to be a professional and abide by the agreement made between himself and the club at the time.

Regardless, if we were to buy him, and he started in Welbz’ spot in this current formation, would he score goals? I really think he would.


There’s no guarantees in the market. But still, you either stick with what you know doesn’t work, or you try and make a change. If we pay £40m for Mahrez and he’s shit then Welbeck or Walcott can play (though I have a very hard time believing he’ll be a worse player than Welbeck or Walcott) and we can write it off as a bad signing. But if we don’t sign him (or anyone) then we’ll be watching Welbeck or Walcott play anyway.

He didn’t just have a good season, he was player of the year. Absolutely worth a punt over mediocre players if we have nothing else lined up.


This is right.
We needed a big shake up in this window and Wenger did the minimum he thought he could get away with.
This club needs a big shake up because Wenger has insisted, for the last few seasons, that this group of players was good enough to win the PL, and he has been proved wrong every season.

Mahrez is not exactly the marquee signing we hoped for but we surely can’t go into yet another season with the same uninspiring group of players.

Just sign him and give the supporters something to cheer about.
Just show a little ambition.


How many times are you going to repeat yourself?


Until Wenger stops repeating the same mistakes.


God it’s gonna be a while…years :santi:


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