Riyad Mahrez


Meh not a big loss.


Of course, we can keep your boyfriend Walcott now :hipster:


BeIN Sports claim Mahrez has signed for Roma

Yeah looks like this one is over :slight_smile:


From le harve to leister to Roma back to le harve in a few years

I’ll say again Marhez will be playing lower league French football before he wins another major honour


If Wenger’s allowed Mahrez to goto Roma without signing any competant wingers/attacking midfielders all while letting Ozil and Alexis walk on frees, well you’d have to say he’s run out of ideas. Big 10 months coming up.


Our squad is massive atm so maybe this isn’t a big deal until we sell some attacking players to make room for Mahrez


Walcott scored more goals than Mahrez last season :frog::tea:


Ahh shit… doubt there was any real interest then tbh.


maybe we let him sign for Roma because we are actually getting Lemar, we could have easily matched Romas bid and he would be joining us instead (he even said he would prefer us)


Says a lot about Mahrez that no big teams were interested in him, especially with the amount of money being thrown around.

I personally think we dodged a bullet by not signing him.


How many Premier League titles have Walcott won in his career? :wink:


None but that isn’t his fault. He’s never been a starter then had a massive drought in a crucial period to cost us it for example. Walcott has always been a solid squad player who gets goals/assists and there’s no need to want him gone for a 1 season wonder with not a great attitude. More talented but doesn’t show it


Drinkwater won more PL than Gerrard.


Was just joking. Mahrez remains very good, despite having played like crap last season.




Puto Leicester!


Not bothered in the slightest. He’s garbage, Albrighton made him look average as fuck last week.


He’s absolutely not garbage and would be an upgrade on Theo and Welbeck.


He just needs to leave, as he doesn’t bother anymore.