Riyad Mahrez


Why on earth would that matter - clubs do fine with a team full of right footed players…


Lefties are Satan’s minions.




But they’re so hard to marx?


He’s already dont that Luke. Handing in a transfer request is huge, and we don’t need any player that compromises work ethic or professionalism.

He needs to show commitment to the people paying his wages, attitude is just as vital in a successful team.


I don’t know a team full of right footed players or left footed.

Depends on the role. You can have two CBs who the same favourite feet but not two WBs.

On midfield the situation is different. Try to look the european top teams midfields:

Chelsea: Kantè right foot, Matic left foot.
City: Fernando right foot, Yaya right foot, Silva left foot.
Spurs: Dier right foot, Wanyama right foot, Dembele left foot.
United: Herrera right foot, Pogba both, Carrick both, the armenian both.
Real Madrid: Isco right, Modric both, Kroos both, Casemiro right foot.
Barça: Iniesta both, Sergi right foot, Rakitic right foot.
Atletico Madrid: Saul left, Koke right, Gabi right.

The only three teams who play with players with the same favourite foot are BVB, Juventus and Bayern, but the players are all right foot players, not left. I never seen a couple of left foot players on the pitch.


Thiyad Wahrez :giroud2:


THhis is going to sound crazy…but stay with me…what if…and I mean this is a big what if…what if we did some kind of opponent scouting…and after we scout we shift our formations to give us a better chance to win? Or maybe…and this is a big maybe…just try some different formations out of the blue on teams to confuse them and make it harder for them to scout us??? Big ifs here probably just crazy talking on my part.


Also, Stones going for 50m and Everton paying 60m for a pair of young English prospects.
It’s just as well :Lemar and Mahrez aren’t English.


Due to playing shit loads of Pro Evo I seem to remember an Inter squad full to the brim of lefties. Adriano, Recoba, Cambiasso, Grosso, Crespo (??, he was at least very two footed with an exceptional weaker foot rating), Samuel and maybe a couple more in forgetting.

Inter were my favourite video game team for years, even once Adriano and Ibra went, because Milito and Eto’o up front with my boy Sneijder tucked in behind were an absolute joy to play with.


He said “me thinks”, I wouldn’t pay any attention to him.


Can’t remember the last time I read a post of yours and didn’t nod in agreement in a Robert DeNero-esque fashion. :smile:


Haha. Adriano with his 99 shot power


What you’re saying is that you were playing with the most broken football team there was on the 2008-2010 PES games. Adriano was an absolute tank that was scoring goals for fun from 35-40m out lol


Commie team :xhaka:


Absolutely. It was fucking fun playing with Adriano. But to be fair, I genuinely liked a lot of the other players. Loved playing with Recoba, I even enjoyed playing with Julio Cruz too who I’d often start with. Cambiasso too was a joy to play with. Stankovic was a G. Javier Zanetti, need I say more. I continued playing with them after switching to FIFA in the post Adriano era. Juve and Milan have both had clearly better squads at points during my years of playing these games. Of all Italian teams it’s always been Inter I’ve had a preference for since I was a wee kid and Ronaldo was there.



Adriano was a fucking animal at the time though. I wish he never had the decline he did. Incredible talent.


Yeah i mean if he didnt have that decline Wenger might have signed him :henry2:


19g and 2 a in 42 app last year. You don’t bin a player who gets 19 mate