Riyad Mahrez




You’re not wrong, but 4-2-3-1 always gets exposed eventually because of the fundamental flaws our execution has. I’m not saying 3-4-3 will be the solution, but we should give it a try for the long term. One extra defender at the back could help prevent our defenders to be exposed in those awkward 1-v-1 situations. Wenger has to do something to make us better on defense.


The most important thing it gave us was that we were never outnumbered on the break, which over the last decade has arguably been our biggest problem. Eliminating that problem could be big for us.

The likes of Holding, Kosceilny, Mustafi and Mertesacker are all good passers too so our distribution and possession from the back is strong.


The gifs are lovely here lads.


Over Lacazette now.



Not willing to get hyped into this one after Orno mentioned about the outgoings first before anything else. Sure we have the money however, don’t we need to be conservative with our wage bill? No point buying shiny, expensive players without paying no mind to the likes of Debuchy or Jenkinson who need culling.


If we keep all our attacking players we currently have I can’t see us signing any more, that would mean iwobi is basically done at the club and I absolutely don’t want that


Get Mahrez done, we’re past hindering youngsters’ or veterans’ future here.


The last time Wenger bought so many french-speaking players we won the league :laca:


Mahrez in training with the Arsenal. WE GOT HIM!!!



^^^ really wish he would leave our club, so sick of him now!


id be up for replacing welbeck or Theo with marez as they aren’t gonna ever be more than they currently are for us

As it stands though we have enough forwards and unless someone goes we won’t be signing marez. if Sanchez goes I’d want to replace him with someone a lot better than marez

I also don’t want to make it absolutely impossible for players like iwobi, Jeff and mainland niles to get a decent amount of minutes as they all look like they could be very good players


I’d go for that as well.
The only problem would be if Sanchez did go, then Mahrez would come in for him.
Ideally, Mahrez, Sanchez, Ozil with Lacazette upfront, and a replacement for Cazorla.

It’s a lot in one window but we’ve been waiting a long time to get some real top quality players to play alongside Ozil and Sanchez, and a couple of really ambitious signings might persuade them to stay.


John Percy Midlands reporter from The Telegraph. Has links to all Midlands clubs

Arsenal have held talks with Leicester over a potential deal for Mahrez but are reluctant to pay anything over £35m. Leicester are still pursuing a fee approaching £50m, despite the former PFA Player of the Year’s underwhelming campaign last season.

Arsenal’s top target in that position remains Monaco’s Thomas Lemar but the asking price is around £80m, which has resulted in checks on Mahrez’s position.

Mahrez has already handed in a transfer request but is expected to attend training on Friday with his future hanging in the balance.


50M. haha fuck off Leicester. Accept our 35M. Very decent offer


I thought 50 and 80 million for Mahrez and Lemar was alot until I remembered we live in a world where Lukaku is going for 75 million pounds and that cunt can’t even trap a ball.


Just pay £80m for Lamar


If Mahrez wants to join us then he should do everything in his power to make it less then the 50 million they want for him


Mahrez is a good player but I can’t remember a team with many left-foot players in the XI: Ozil, Kolasinac, Monreal, Xhaka and probably Mahrez.

I’m not in favour of his sign because would prefer another type of player behind Lacazette. Ozil & Mahrez are both left foot players who play on the right.


Don’t forget Cech!