Rival club players you like

Got this idea from another forum but it’s pretty self explanatory.

Past or present.

I like Pogba, I like Kante and I’m a big Morata fan too.

Past… I still liked Davids when he played for Spurs and always had a soft spot for Zola.

And when Falcao came to England I wanted to see him do well.

I liked Berbatov too at both Spurs and United.

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Didier Drogba.

What a powerhouse.

Plenty more, will have to think about this and come back later. Good thread!

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I couldn’t stand Drogba lol. I literally hated the guy at one point.

Although having said that, always like Carvalho and couldn’t bring myself to dislike Lampard.


I’m not sure if they can be considered rivals, but I’ve always have a soft spot for David Silva. Agree with Berbatov too. He was really gracious with the ball.

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Is it bad if I say I liked van der Vaart when he was down the road?

Also really like Eriksen. :cristo:

I liked him too so what can I say :man_shrugging:t2:

Not on board the Eriksen one though lol

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Kante, Matic, Pogba, Willian, Pedro, Morata, Fabregas, Eriksen, Dembele, Aldeweireld, De Gea, Son.

Modric, Berbatov, Deco, Vidic, Schmeichel, Solskjaer, Sherringham, Cech, Anelka, X.Alonso, Torres, Carvalho, Essien, J.Cole spring to mind, and I could never really stop admiring Ashley Cole.

I always liked Beckham. Most of the hate he got had nothing to do with his ability as a footballer.

Robbie Keane because of what he did in an Ireland shirt.

Kante definitely is one. Eden Hazard too.

Cristiano Ronaldo (more admiration for his talent)

Kante is the one who immediately comes to mind. I don’t see how anyone can dislike him to be honest. As a player, he’s been one of the best in the league, especially during those 2 title winning seasons with Leicester and Chelsea. And he’s one I wish we’d signed. But also as a person – he seems like such a nice guy. And that whole thing about him being too shy to ask if he could hold the World Cup just made him even more endearing.

In the past, there has been Beckham – who, i’m not going to lie, I did fancy, but I also thought he was a fantastic footballer. Xabi Alonso, who I adored. And Lampard. If there was a debate to be had between him and Gerrard, I was always team Lamps. I also had a soft spot for Modric when he was at Spurs.

I had a weird relationship with Diego Costa. He was a prick and a complete shithouse, but at the same time, I knew if he played for us then i’d love him.

I like most of the Man City team at the moment too, but not sure they’re really rivals as such.

Glen Hoddle was always one of my favourite players, so graceful so talented, not his fault he played for a scummy club lol.

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Well, it kind of is, lol

Of current players the immediate ones who come into my head are: Kante, Pogba, Son, Hazard, Azpilacueta, Rashford, Aguero, Stones, and David Silva.

Honestly don’t think I particularly care for any of the current Liverpool squad…

Way too many mentions of Pogba


Mane, Salah

Kante, Giroud (lol)

Sterling, Silva

Going back, really liked Suárez when he was at Liverpool. We would have loved him if he was our cunt.

Xabi Alonso is one of my favourite non-Arsenal players. Really liked Torres when he was at Liverpool too. I’ve never wanted a rival team to win the league so much when Rafa was up against Fergie.

Even though he managed Chelsea as well, Ruud Gullit is also one of my favourite ever players.

Giggs. What a beautiful player he was.

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The most overrated player in PL history in my eyes.


And that goal against us in the FA Cup that people had orgasms about is one of the most over rated too! Pish defending!


Used to idolise Gerrard growing up. Inpired me alot. As did Vieira.

Right now KDB , Hazard, Salah and Aguero are my fave non Arsenal players. KDB above all.


I always liked Gerrard, possibly one of the best and most influential players in the PL.
I think Kante is possibly the best player in his position in the PL but it annoys me that we could have had him but got Xhaka instead because we wouldn’t go the extra to get him, even more annoying that he wanted to come here.

Others would be Sterling, De Bruyne, Hazard, Salah and Eriksen.