Riccardo Calafiori | medical 1/2 in london


7 players for 4 positions is not enough for me. We have great versatility there but an injury to one of our starters puts us down to 6 for 4 positions. That’s not enough for stable rotation imo.

We’ll end up over-playing the starters when there are more CL games than ever, and key players have been to international tournaments in the summer. We got so lucky with Gabriel and Saliba staying fit last season. I won’t bank on that happening again.

If we are planning on selling Kiwior or Zinchenko, then we need to replace them too.


I agree, but at least all the first team defensive options are good experienced players rather than what we had in recent seasons like Holding and Mari.

With Tomiyasu and Zinchenko often missing games it’s not ideal but it’s unlikely we’ll buy any more defenders for the first team in this window, especially as the priority for Arteta will be a midfielder and LW.

In that case we shouldn’t be selling anybody from the defence. If we do, it creates more work to find a replacement.


Always love this gif :joy:



Anyone mention that apparently not everyone is onboard with Calafiori and Arteta has to convince people that he’s worth the investment?
It was in the Deal Sheet piece from The Athletic the other day, Ornstein covered it.

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The way he put it on the podcast was much softer. Said others within the club might not view the position as a priority and might want his purchase to be matched with a sale, probably Kiwior.

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I don’t see him as a priority but if it happens I’ll be happy.
Another thing is in Italy journalists are saying Napoli got a better deal in buying Buongiorno than Calafiori but I’m thinking it’s just down to more experience and the fact that the general consensus that up and coming players should stay in Italy.

On a more light hearted note my Napoli friends knowing my support for Arsenal too is that this is a carbon copy of Milano selling Tonali to Newcastle knowing full well of his gambling problems, remember Tonali didn’t want to leave.
Why do Bologna only want to sell abroad?

Hopefully it’s all bullshit :slightly_smiling_face:

What I want to know is why Bologna agreed to a 50% sell on clause. That’s an insane percentage.


Didn’t he tear his ACL? Maybe Basel were willing to let him go for a lower fee with that high sell on clause and Bologna were willing to take that risk of owing 50% because they didn’t have a ton of cash and were signing a talented player?

They probably never expected he’ll turn out as good. His injuries didn’t help either.

Iirc he had short hair at the time. If he had long hair with the headband they would have known immediately he was going places.

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Calafiori ears.


Goddamn. Spending too much time on the bjj mats.

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Would be funnier if his name was Cavolfiori ,otherwise it doesn’t make sense :thinking:

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Typically Arsenal won’t meet the release clause and Bologna want a similar sell on clause that Basel set them. There had to be a catch should have gone for Buongiorno instead.

Close enough for my pidgin Italian!