Riccardo Calafiori | medical 1/2 in london



Time for his own thread on OA. Now it’s real.


Good old Tancredi as well


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Who the fuck is he?

Buon Natale Motherfuckers!

I want this.

He doesn’t have Maldini’s eyes, but we can work around this…

…We can do it with the lights switched off.



Official confirmation it’s all bullshit.

(can’t believe that guy is still around, surely just someone using his name?)

We could do with one more defender who can play LB and CB. That will be the defensive numbers sorted.

However, I feel like this is standard agent talk to put pressure on Juve to act more quickly / bid higher.


We will have to sell Kiwior to make this happen.
Considering how well Calafiori has done, I wouldn’t mind it though

I would love this transfer but need to hear from somebody outside the Italian Bullshitter Brigade to believe its any more than general interest on our part.

If he could play both LB and LCB he’d be a great fit. We could rotate five really high level defenders, two pure CBs (Saliba, Gabriel) and three more versatile players (White, Timber, Calafiori) then also have Tomiyasu as a squad guy who can play across the back line and Zinny as a specialist ball playing LB for certain kinds of matches and match situations. It feels a lot like how City constructed their defensive group.

Kiwior obviously leaves but I think we’ll have suitors for him and at least get our money back.

Espressino not espresso.

Ah Tanc! Missed you


Guess Kiwior’s days are numbered, assuming this guy is any better.

Judging by the valuation, I hope he has the potential to be the long term partner to Saliba.

Riccardo Calafiori | Welcome to Arsenal | Tackles, skills and passes | 4k | HD

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Will Calafiori want to be a backup after he proved himself in Serie A & for Italian National Team?

I am sure he will sign for one of the bigger Italian teams as first choice defender.

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Ok, now I’m buying it.

Oh no, there’s more.

Orny bomba at 6pm.

Can he play LB?

Of course Chelsea will offer players.

They are strapped and have like 40 players on infinity contracts.



Yes, he’s a LB by trait. Was moved to CB last year. Even at CB does play in a similar way to Blanco where he is bombarding forward quite frequently.

Profile-wise he’s absolutely an Arteta player. Only concern should be whether he has actually overcome his injuries. That was his biggest issue before he joined Bologna.


Cheers. Arteta also tends to prefer fullbacks who’ve played CB so understand the defensive side of the game better. Hope his injuries are behind him.