Reuell Walters (76)

Hopefully we can get 500k for him in jan

Talk about an over-exaggeration.


Sacked in the morning. Going to join Boreham Wood.

He’ll get chances in the FA Cup if we beat Pool.

He must be bummed that he didn’t get on instead of Cedric. What must be annoying is that if Cedric made the move in January, that would’ve happened.

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The fact Cedric got on the pitch at all tells me that Walters was never getting on whether there was another right back on the bench or not.

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Arteta had zero trust in our youth - they must be useless

I mean, he has zero trust in Cedric.

I just think it’s more likely at a club like Arsenal, loans are the overwhelming way someone gets experience. Liverpool used a teenager recently but as it turned out he’s had a year on loan in the championship already. It’s incredibly uncommon for teenagers to break through at the very top of the game.