Religion - Do we need it anymore?


Well. Religion isn’t going too answer those questions, is it? Because the answers would be clear in that case > God did it and that is it.


That’s no bad thing though. On the Internet I’ll speak a bit more freely, in day to day interactions I would speak more carefully with mind to not annoying or upsetting people, or to avoid getting into an argument.

In person I smile and nod when people say religious things that I find to be ridiculous, I see no harm in behaving differently online and using it as a chance to have a release of sorts, to say some of the things I’d sometimes like to say in real life.

I doubt you take the same tone in discussions with people in real life as you do online, I’d hope not anyway.


Spot on there Cuellar.

Religion is a part of our evolutionary story and has probably been with us since the times of our earliest ancestors. It will obviously adapt and change with the environment until such a time as it ceases to be socially useful. I doubt it will ever totally cease to be useful though, because at its root origin its simply a man / woman utilising a certain method to explore his / her human condition, and that can sometimes be a transformative experience - out of which conclusions are drawn, some deep, subtle, and quite possibly true, others utterly deluded, and out of that groups and institutions form. In fact I would imagine it will be with us until we die out or else go on forever.


When I was kid, I was happy to go to the church to listen the mass. I trust in Arsène Wenger…ehm, sorry, in Jesus :grinning:, in God, in the Virgin Mary, I respect the Pope and adore Pope Francis like Karol Wojtyla because the first, like the second, will be a revolutionary like Che Guevara or Ghandi… but I’m a poor catholic.


100 fucking percent on all points.

I really do wish humanity would pay more attention to the world around them and the environment rather than stories formed thousands of years ago.


What the fuck is this?




It’s what happens when altar boys get diddled and their minds put up barriers to deal with it.

Don’t see any of that sort of shit in Protestantism.


I think you mean we havent heard about it yet…


Anyone that claims to be religious is actually agnostic IMO

Anyone that try’s to tell you they believe without a shadow of a doubt they 100% believe in God is either lying or mentally ill


Not necessarily.
I have met people who never contemplated the thought of God not existing.
The God has been in human life for so long and so elaborate, that it really takes time for people to start to doubting it.

I have met people who went ‘I never thought about questioning existence of God, I just went about with my life’.


Really? I do this.


Fuck you… To this day I was living in a world thinking that a Religion thread on OA didn’t exist.


Not sure we ever did. Certainly don’t need it now. Some people get some major benefits from being Religious though. Myself however, I prefer not to be spoonfed bullshit.


Arsene Wenger is Magic but that doesnt make him a God ,Dennis Berkamp now thats a God for you.
All Judaeic based religions are themselves a pale recreation of the Egyptian Gods which isnt really surprising given the enslavement of the Jews by the Egyptians .
The Dead Sea scrolls completely invalidate much of the Old and New Testament which is why you cant get to see them.
Religion has been used as a tool to control poor people and keep them passive .
This being said I do believe that the very existence of nature proves there is a God however it’s more complex than my human mind can comprehend .
One thing I know is that God does not live in Israel Rome or Cantebury not can she cure cancer ,all cures to what ails us are here on earth allready !




You know it matey !


Blind faith is the problem. If the Mormons weren’t so weird I’d almost say they got it right. They have a morbid sense of humor about their beliefs that other religions can’t replicate.


It’s nice that they let black people join their idiotic religion now too lol


Scientolgy now thats a religion , never seen a poor one !