Reiss Nelson (Out on loan)

Name: Reiss Nelson
Date of Birth: 10th of December 1999
Place of Birth: Elephant and Castle, London

Very promising signs from him already. Had a great cameo, even if it was against a bunch of pissed up Aussie’s!

Bellerin, Iwobi… Nelson?


Very impressive video. I’d like to see more of him against better opposition.

The thing that strikes me the most about that video is his composure and decision making with the ball. The game wasn’t too fast for him and he seemed to have a good intuitive understanding of where the ball should go next and when.

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Elephant and Castle, I went to a wrestling event there a couple of months ago
how strange

Already better than Walcott.


Not that difficult in the end :xhaka:

Aside from the obvious pace and close control, the stand out was the his composed decision making, passing and movement. A couple of precise long balls with the outside and inside of his foot. He doesn’t lose the ball either or run it out of play as you’d expect Chamberlain to do.

The only downsides are question marks over defensive and physical ability for a wingback role and his 1 footedness. I hope we see much more of him this season

I take umbrage at that comment…

We’re into meth now.



Portuguese newspaper Mais Futebol on Reiss Nelson’s performance v Benfica :ok_hand:



one of the best in the world is a little over the time after seeing him in a couple of friendlies, looks a talent though but no need to say that

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Doesnt say that though does it, it says he has everything needed to be the best…doesnt necessarily mean he will get there. The Ox etc has got everything needed to be a top player also, doesnt mean we are gonna see that of him.


The Europa League and the League Cup should do him well.

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Exciting talent, want him to play a lot this season, but don’t burn him out. 17 and going past players for fun :ok_hand:

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Ox doesn’t have an end product though, he definitely doesn’t have what it takes

Would honestly hate for us to loan him at this point. Think he easily possesses enough talent to be considered in our first team squad, picking up experience in all multitudes of scenarios along the season’s path.

Its mad that he’s only 17 and manged to play half decent at RWB, which is a lonely role on the pitch with nowhere to hide. Look foward to seeing more of him.


reminds me of when we saw the breakout performance of Wilshere in the emirates cup a few years ago

That’s the reason why we must be careful with him.

I’m cautious.

Ox, Gnabry and Iwobi were all similar cases imo


Walcott too. Maybe Arsene will succeed for once