Reiss Nelson (On loan)


Now I’m not saying he is ready but simply saying he isn’t ready only because he’s 17 is a load of crap, imagine we had the mentality with Cesc in 2005 or Monaco with Mbappe last season.


There’s players like Walcott, Wilshere, Welbeck, Giroud wanting to play at World Cup so it’s justified to give them game time to impress in a lesser competition, we’ve been fine in EL without Nelson in the front 3 and he isn’t exactly at the level of Mbappe last season or a teenage Cesc


That’s not the club’s responsibility. Arsenal should think of Arsenal. Not France, not England, not the Democratic Republic of the Congo!


Players like Walcott etc should have thought about that in the summer then, sacraficed wages and gone to lesser clubs to get more playing time… basically they have chosen money over playing time.


If you bench Walcott for an entire season, he would still be here next season.
The guy has no ambition.


If we didn’t play them in Europa League I’m sure they’d be pissed off then you face a possibility of 4 good squad players leaving, all because of a 17 year old. Arsenal are literally thinking of Arsenal playing them… we won our group. Now we’ve qualified we can play a younger team in the last group game, to keep Nelson’s fanboys and fangirls happy :grinning:

He scored 19 goals last season so I’m sure in the summer he felt he could still break in to the team, it wasn’t to be but in Europa League he’s still been decent. Wages, big club, London are all much more attractive than playing for a Everton or a Newcastle


No one is gonna offer him our amount of money so he is staying here forever.


Good, some of these players shouldn’t be in our squad anyway! Whereas that 17 year old is our future. If Walcott et al want to leave because they’re not playing enough… i’ll pack his bag and drive him to the station myself :sunglasses: You wouldn’t get a mass exodus anyway… unfortunately.

We had already qualified before Thursday though. That was the point. After our previous game we all thought “right now we’re through, Wenger can experiment with youth”. Nobody wants to see a Coq and Elneny pivot. Coq and Elneny probably don’t even want to see it.


You can easily say that on the Internet but I’d be happy to meet Walcott tbh… Yeah Coq and Elneny are trash and don’t really clash with my theory on players wanting WC, since Elneny is probably nailed down to play and Coq has never played for France so Wilshere/Iwobi could play there. But Wilshere, Welbeck, Giroud all have a place as squad players


I see what you are saying, but personally I’d find Theo more attractive if he was playing for Everton or Newcastle.





Your smiles :xhaka:


He undid the retweet, so maybe someone else did it on his account, but still :rofl:


Is it just me overanalysing (genuine question) or does Reiss need to do more? Wasn’t too impressed with his cameo, too content to sit in that pocket of space, receive, turn back to his own goal and pass it back to someone. There was one moment in concrete where he absolutely should’ve run in behind into the space but did the Ox thing, sitting there with his back to goal wanting to receive to feet. Also watched him the other day for the reserves and he put in a pretty apathetic display.


It was a 10 minute sub appearance in his premier league debut where we were 4-1 up and had taken the foot off the pedal.

I think you’re overanalysing.


Nelson wrote this, then very quickly deleted it but a lot of people got screen shots :speak_no_evil:


Might have to be careful what he says i reckon he might just take him up on that and give him some sorta STI


Both Nelson & Nketiah are in the starting line up.


Would have watched if I wasn’t working. Sounds like Nelson had a good game.