Reiss Nelson (On loan)


Think he signed the first team contract in December 2016, but I could be wrong.



Nelson, Nketiah & Willock have earned their first u19 call ups.


Really wish we could see this kid play in his preferred position, but hey Arsene Wenger is our manager.



yet wenger will insist on playing him at wingback. It feels like Wenger is literally sabotaging players careers for the sake of his ego it just seems like he messes too much with players positions ‘for education purposes’ for it to be a coincidence.


I imagine Wenger plays him at wing-back to develop other areas of his game and to allow him some freedom to get forward without pressure.

Nelson really should be used in his key position though, a shame Wenger won’t utilise him where he is best suited.


Exactly that


Zzzzzzzzz borrriiinnngg. What a troll. You have to take every single thread and turn it into something about Wenger. Shame on me I guess for taking your troll bait.


Like when he thought Walcott was a CF :wenger:


Nelson really shouldn’t play as outside midfielder anymore. Not with the job reponsibilities in this role.


Nice little footwork at the end


why does wenger insist on playing the guy at wingback any blind fucker can see IT DOESNT FUCKING WORK, stop stifling the player and fucking play to his strength you dumb cunt!


What does Wenger think by playing him as wingback? I really don’t get it.


Doesn’t he mostly play on the wing? Where exactly do you put that player in a 3-4-3?


He’s only 17 what do you expect, there’s more senior players in those positions who need game time too, for their interests in playing at World Cup


I couldn’t care less about players interests regarding a World Cup tbh, I want what’s best for Arsenal football club.


Nelson would fit perfectly in the front 2 behind the striker, tbh. He’s a playmaker in the Alexis mould. If Alexis fits that position so does he. The Europa league situation was easily fixable by going to a 4-3-3 in those games, and not wasting time on shite like Coquelin, but it was too much logic to ask of Wenger.


Should play upfront on the wings, not in the midfield.


It doesn’t matter where you play Nelson at 17 he simply isn’t ready to be performing regularly at senior level. The wingback role is the least damaging to the rest of the team. But he gets experience and develops and signs a contract because he’s getting minutes.