Reiss Nelson (On loan)


He has made it look ridiculously easy. It’s a video game rise for him at the moment. I assume many of us will be keeping a close eye on him and Jadon Sancho in the coming seasons.


Who is this Jadon Sancho guy I keep hearing about? Is he the man city kid?


Another monster youth. Taken Dembele’s number 7 at Dortmund recently mate and he’s only 17.


Of course, but the fact that he is young is a big help. He is surely eager to impress and do well compared with most of our players.


Yes I did, watch every moment of his games and you’ll see he loses the ball and passes to the opposition very frequently. He needs to be out wide where he’ll have more time on the ball and where his pace is a greater asset.


Right now he’s as good going forward as Chamberlain. The only issue with him at wingback is whether he can defend well enough, which was also an issue with Chamberlain.

In the central roles he won’t have enough time on the ball and he’ll be bullied. Putting an inexperienced pacey player out wide has always been the best way to give them an education.

Oh and the fact that you’re dropping 1 of Alexis/Ozil to accomodate him, not happening. If we play a front 4 instead of a front 3 then fair enough though.


Well from what you’re saying it sounds to me like he isn’t ready to be in the first team.


England has a very interesting quartet of talents, it has to be said, in Nelson, Sancho, Marcus Edwards, and Angel Gomes.



I wonder if we are going to see a lot from him this season. They didn’t sign Yarmolenko for no reason. Pulisic is there also.


We are going to have a tough time holding onto this kid. Can see one of the giants trying to lure him in the near future. Ridiculously talented for 17.


In other words, we are going to have a tough time in holding on to quality players. Nothing new there. The Ozil and Sanchez situation says it all really, not that it needed to be said again. I take solace in the fact that if this guy does turn out to be that good, we will at least get 2 or 3 years of quality out of him before he decides he has had enough of Arsene & Arsenal’s bullshit.


Well, give him a big contract. I do hope we can keep at least our best youngsters.


That new contract needs to be around about now, another that goes into his final year after this season.


Hope he’s involved tomorrow


We need to lock the kid away on a 5 year extension on top of what he has now, that way at least he will be an Arsenal player until he’s 23 or so.


I think the advantage we have over other big clubs at the moment is that he’s probably aware that he’ll get more game time with us than he would at one of the other big guns. But once he is established and if he is the real deal, then we’ll have problems.


I would go a step further and say put a proper buyout clause in place as well.


Kid is just legit, haven’t been this excited about a young Arsenal player in a very long time.


Wonder when he signed and if there are some rules around the length of a contract you can offer a player coming off youth terms. Anyone know anything about that area?