Reiss Nelson (On loan)




I agree with the above statement mbappe etc all started at an early age even cesc he has the talent to be a top player for us why hinder his progress. This kid definitely looks the real deal, but if wenger replaces ox with him i will be pissed he is a decent attacking talent not a fucking wingback!


This is what I don’t get. I’ve seen a few people talk about Nelson being a back up for Bellerin, or that he’ll play in that role occasionally this season.

3/5 at the back is now so in vogue that promising attacking talents are being theoretically shoehorned into the wing back role by fans.

I’d prefer to see a talented young attacker being played in midfield or attack personally.


Disagree. At this age, wingback is a safer bet. We won’t be alloting a crucial position to a youngster.
Wingback allows room and protection to players. He will get gametime without pressure to score or defend as much.


We’ll see how much protection he is afforded when he gets utterly destroyed by some wasteman like Jefferson Montero


Can’t believe how much joy that cunt has had against us these last many years, fuck my life. Must be his favourite game of the year.


Nelson doesn’t have the decision making to be part of a front 3. The wingback role is the easiest transition into the first 11. Even as a wingback in pre-season his decision making was suspect due to lack of experience.

I’m all for Nelson getting wingback minutes. If he did start in a front 3 or 4 fans will get frustrated with him imo.


Don’t give a f*ck where we put him, I just want him getting ft minutes. He and iwobi are all I am looking forward to atm. Throw me a bone, man!


did you not see him in preseason, that is utter BS! Got far better decision making skills than walcott etc.


But fans won’t get frustrated if he gets rinsed at wing back and we drop points? Which is an entirely foreseeable situation.

Can only speak for myself, but I’d be far more forgiving of him not producing goals or assists in an attacking position than I would be to see him costing us goals at the back. A bit like I’m quite forgiving of Iwobi for not necessarily producing enough goals or assists, which I think most gooners are too.

Not that I’d blame either situation on him personally, but I know which one would frustrate me more.


wing-back :neutral_face:


Sweet. Can’t wait to see him play DM.


Shambles if he is misused, confused, and doesn’t progress as he should.


Needs to play this weekend.


What’s the difference? When Iwobi was playing on the left wing in a 4 at the back system everyone was complaining that he wasn’t tracking back enough ie shirking his defensive duties. Playing as a WB with 3 at the back is really similar imo to playing as a winger with 4 at the back except there’s an emphasis on defending. As Wenger said, to be a complete player you’ve got to know how to do both anyhow.


You’ve asked me what the difference is and then answered the question yourself.

There’s a clear difference between playing as an actual winger and a wing back, that shouldn’t need explaining.


Needs to play in an offensive position. Will get isolated and destroyed at wing back. Needs another year preferably before being intergrated into the first team.


Kids a natural no.10 almost Bergampkesque in his finishing abilities. Needs to learn his defensive game too however would be a waste in any position other than the front four.

Kid is a phenom - just needs to be allowed to flourish. The way he plays is with joy you can see it in his body language, doesn’t restrict himself and is calm in front of goal.


How old is he actually?


Seems pretty clear to me that the best way to use him is in the last 20 minutes of a Premier League game as a winger and a starter as a winger in the early stages of the LC/FAC/EL.

Kids only 17, let’s not count on him to carry us the whole season :joy: