Reiss Nelson (On loan)


Ready to play in the first team.


He moved like the vid was in fast foward :open_mouth:


So what’s that 4 goals in 2 in the under 23s ? Do we let him build confidence or give him a run in the 1st team whilst he’s on fire ?


I’d take him over Welbeck right now, but I reckon he will get cup appearances and the odd sub until next year.


Obvious we move Ox middle to replace Xhaka and Nelson moves into that wb spot.


Think we are gonna see him in the Capital One Cup and the Europa League.


Quite confident Nelson could do bits in Holland right now at age 17. After this season there’s little reason to have him playing uncompetitive football anymore imo, integrate him or loan him.


Reiss Nelson vs Manchester City


Only 17 and looks ridiculously comfortable at that level already. Big prospect.


It looks to easy for him so for me it’s not going to help his development. Either first team or go out on loan abroad where the protect players



looks more composed than a lot of our fucking 1st team. But just wait until wenger gets to him you will see him turn into a lemon in less than 1/2 a season. Wenger probably could turn Messi into a donkey.



needs to be getting a look in for the 1st team shortly surely he cant stay in the u23s forever he is far too good to be sitting there should be getting opportunities this season before he gets fed up and moves on.


Sexy finish. I’m ready to get rid of the shite 3-4-3 and get him more involved in the first team. He’s probably our best and most realistic chance of replacing Alexis, sad as that is.


Just play him on the wings for us FFS! He is just so good.


Da Silva 2-0. Good performance this, nice to watch some Arsenal that actually want to play for us too :laughing:


Wenger has mentioned the words ‘wing-back’ and Reiss Nelson in the same sentence recently :facepalm: :face_vomiting:

Be fearful friends.


Decent free kick. Nelson is probably the best thing to come out of Arsenal since Jack Wilshere - I know that hasn’t turned out too well, but he was a pretty exciting prospect when he was young.

A shining light for our currently bleak future!


anyone got any clips of his goal etc