Reiss Nelson (On loan)


I’m really not sure he does, they both looked great too


Iwobi was 19 when he made his debut. That is already two years more of physical development Nelson had at this point. He needs more years to get acclimatized to the pace and physicality of grown men football. He’s pretty much a kid at 17.


fabregas started at 16, as wenger says if you’re good enough you are old enough


Nah Arsenal fans just tend to go apeshit over any kid in our rank who can dribble a ball. I suppose it’s understandable after watching Theo trip over himself for near on a decade but I like to see end product before i get overly hyped.

Nelson’s calmness and composure in preseason was something new from our yoof.


Fabregas was the exemption and not the rule.


But he’s got sick skillz guys, he should be the right name on the team sheet!


Exactly, how about we just let the kid breathe and find his feet organically?

How about anyone clamouring for Nelson to get shoe-horned into the team look at how poorly Iwobi was handled last season and he was years ahead in his development. Given a chance played very well then have the inevitable drop in form that youngsters have and then was played into the ground despite the fact his form was poor until his confidence was shot to pieces then he’s suddenly yanked from the team with no way back in sight further compounding his misery.

Takes way more then a couple good showings in pre-season to deem a young prospect ready and justify the inclusion in the first team.


@AbouCuellar Nelson vs Gnabry? (Serious question for once)


Because although he may have the skill, he is not physically ready, he’s still growing ffs. The league will eat him up if he’s thrown in at 17 years of age.


Cesc managed it just fine and he was a little kid…size isnt everything and Nelson is more physical than Cesc was. Nelson came up against decent players in preseason if he is ready he will play it doesnt matter if he is 17 or not, players younger than him have made their epl debuts from tonnes of clubs.


Cesc had Vieira, Pires, Henry, Campbell etc around him to protect him and learn from. No one in this current team will guide Nelson like that. The two scenarios are incomparable.


Iwobi will be a beast the lads still growing




Imagine to have Sancho ( :pray: ), Nelson, Bielik, Nwakali, Adelaide, Willock, Mavididi, Holding, Iwobi, Bellerìn, Emi Martinez + Xhaka, Seo, Musta still youngs. Future looks bright for us.


Have a feeling we’ll really regret it if we don’t get him. Can’t believe how much important business we’ve left to be done in the final couple weeks of the window.


Brilliant stuff that from the Arse yoots! :giroud:


Half of those players are competing for the same positions.



should be looked at for the 1st team now really, he is far better than some of the shit we have in there…at least he scares defenders and has a decent strike!


He’s partly why I wouldn’t mind letting Ox go! He definitely deserves minutes for the first team, consistently makes his mark a level below.