Reiss Nelson (On loan)



Iwobi is a solid player but he doesn’t have the wow factor that someone like Wilshere had when he stepped onto the scene so let’s not act like we’ve got an outrageously talented prospect in Iwobi on our hands.


I meant nelson is the most exciting youth prospect since iwobi not that iwobi is as exciting as wilshire, could have said bellerin too now I think about it


Iwobi was not all that highly rated as a youth player. He just had the football IQ to adapt well to the first team and took his chance when he got it. I don’t know if Nelson will do the same but IMO he is a much bigger prospect than Iwobi was at the same age and stage of development.


If Nelson only does as well as Iwobi and Bellerin it would be disapointing. There’s much more talent in the locker.


@Powderfinger post sums up exactly what I wanted to say.


Bellerin and iwobi are just as likely as nelson to become top top level players as it stands

Your talking as if the have both come through and not reached their potential, both of them are developing well and have every chance of getting better


They clearly have lower ceilings in terms technique, control, dribbling, touch and that can’t be learnt after a certain age.

Both can have good careers, but Nelson could potentially have a great career.


Yup he could be the very next player to reach his huge potential with us and have only 1 year left on his contract :cech: :henry2:


We’ve been here with the hype many times before.

I’m cautiously optimistic.


Iwobi is just someone Wenger impatiently awaits to sell to some Europa League team like Viktoria Pilzen for an even more disappointing fee after spending 3-4 years fooling everyone around with him instead of buying a proper winger.


All this after seeing him in 2 or 3 friendlys

In the past 3/4 seasons we’ve had 2 players come through the ranks and gone on to be full internationals, 1 of them for the best international side in the world for he past 10 years and after seein a young kid do well for us in a few friendlys its radiculos to suggest iwobi and bellerin were just as exciting prospects when they broke through and still are

Oh well I guess we can’t all be extremely intelligent experts can we lol

Also I’d add the AMN has been just as impressive in the few cameos he got last season as nelson has looked in the few uncompetitive games and YouTube clips of training sessions people have seen him play for us


I’ll keep this really simple, the level of skill Nelson has shown is levels above Bellerin, Iwobi and AMN have ever shown in any game. He might not make it, or he might only be as good as them. If he does that will be a big disapointment because his skill level far exceeds theirs and it isn’t remotely close.


The level of skill Wilfred zaha has shown is better than anything nelson has shown

Just because a player has sick skillz it dosent mean anything with regards to how well they will potentially do as a professional footballer

You’ve litrelly seen this guy play 2/3 times in friendlys against teams of varying levels of fitness and are saying he definately has more potential than hector bellerin had when he managed to break into our first team, completely kill Mathew debuchys career and stake a good claim to being Spain (and probably barcelonas) next right back for the next decade

If that’s what you think then fair enough but please don’t act like it’s 100% fact and scoff at he suggestion you could be wrong


So was Iwobi. Let’s not get carried away.


Iwobi actually rose to ‘prominence’ quite anonymously. Nothing like Zelalem or Reine-Adelaide. Or Nelson at his point.


You’d still have to say, if Nelson gets into the first team picture in the way Bellerin has - albeit with a far tougher path - he’ll be doing extremely well. Iwobi has also been phenomenally successful in relative terms to the numbers that try and fail each generation to get in.


Iwobi is a full year ahead of the yoofs

He is the one who is legit at the moment. Bellerin also too obviously.

Nelson showing great promise but will need 2 years.


Why? For what? If you have the skill and can be useful why does he need another 2 years? Iwobi was ready for 1st team action with less about him than Nelson. From this pre-season this kid had more about him than bellerin also in attack and defense so i dont know what he needs another 2 years for…polishing his nails?


The two years needed is usually the time it takes for them to fall away into obscurity. It would be great if Nelson could come in a make a mark on the first team but it’s highly unlikely that we will end up with some kind of 100 million pound Mbappe style wonderkid.

Saying that Nelson does seem a lot more polished than the likes of Gnabry, Jeff, etc etc.