Reiss Nelson (On loan)


Great we have him locked down. Would have been bad situation if not


yeah you would the likes of Abou screaming ‘look at this this is why i didnt rate Unai he let one of our best prospects go on loan without renewing its the height of stupidity’


Almost shades of Gnabry.


They’re mates, can we bring Sancho here too? :henry2:


Nelson’s stats are excellent even if he doesn’t have any assists to his name.

Good to see him getting some recognition alongside Sancho.


I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want…

“I want to be an Arsenal legend.” :sunglasses:

I do tend to wear rose tinted glasses with a lot of our youth players – it’s just the senior ones I have a problem with :laughing: – but I genuinely do think Nelson can reach the heights he is aiming for.

As much as I like him though, I hope we don’t recall him. He is developing nicely and I think Nagelsmann is the perfect manager for him to learn from. Getting a full season in Germany under his belt will really benefit him – and hopefully, in the long run, it’ll benefit us too.


Sven knows it :kos2:


This attention for Sancho and Nelson as some kind of pioneers gets a bit irritating. I remember seeing Chris Eagles playing in the Eredivisie 10 years ago.


Ryan Gauld and Oliver Burke too, who have both gone of the map now


Does it really matter that those players are off the map?


Football is frequently “what have you done for me lately”?.

In today’s game that’s old hat man.


It’s part of the reason why British players abroad don’t get alot of coverage unless they float to the very top.

Not a dig at them, just the reality


I like how you have to dig up an example that’s 10 years old, proving exactly why they’re being treated like pioneers.

In any case, I don’t think Nelson is a flash in the pan type thing.

He’s looked very impressive in the youth set up for us the last couple of years and did pretty well for us last season when he got minutes and now he’s over in top flight German football and has been doing the business for a sustained period of time.

I don’t think he’s a Federico Macheda.


Eagles was an example of it happening long before. Crowley, McEachran, Mount etc. have done it too. It’s really nothing new.


Were they impressing in the way Sancho and Nelson are in a quality league, because surely that’s the point?


Seems like your just getting angry for the sake of it


It’s true that other players have done it before but the fundamental difference here is that Sancho is a very highly regarded prospect who turned down a new deal with the richest club on earth for the opportunity to develop in a foreign league. Players like Eagles and Crowley were nowhere near as highly regarded as Sancho is.

He had the pick of every big club in England and opted to move to a club who looked like they were on a downward slope because he knew he’d develop and be given an opportunity there.


Excerpt from the article:

Nelson, who claimed the Bundesliga’s rookie of the month award for October, added: "Sanch started the trend, I’d say. I call him every day and he’s obviously saying we are kind of setting the trend for the young boys to come over.

Sancho didn’t start anything. It’s not just this quote from Nelson but also the general hype of English journalists for young English players in foreign countries. When those journalists are saying more English youngsters should take the jump whilst they have been doing that. It’s the ignorance that bothers me I think.

Obviously I’m making too much out of it.


But unless any if the payers you mentioned did set a top league alight as these two have then they are starting a trend.


Agreed, we Scots started it way before these English players made it mainstream. Check out Burke and Gauld.

(Doesn’t matter that they’re shite lol)

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