Reiss Nelson (On loan)


Trying and trying all the time…:xhaka:


None of them performed at that level with the ball control combined with that quality of final ball. Anyway all of those are performing at a decent level currently.


Ox certainly did. Him not meeting expectations doesn’t change how impressive he was.


He didn’t deliver passes/crosses with vision like Nelson is currently doing. Ox always had poor decision making. Decision making does look like Nelson’s strong point but he also has the ability to turn defenders inside out.

I will say though that the wingback positions maybe easier for pacey players to look better in rather than being an inside/wide forward. You have more space out wide and more movement in front of you. And as a team it improves our width and reduces predictability more than fullbacks and wide forwards did.

Obviously we need to see more from him and pyschologically it’s difficult for a young boy to continue their development.


I implore you to review him in his first season with us. He displayed it all.


This kid looks like he could be one to finally make the step up with us.
His low centre of gravity and ability to shift his weight quickly will make him a nightmare for fullbacks or in and around the box.
Decent pace too , but might need to put on some weight … he’d have to run around in the shower to get wet


Want to see him start today.


He didn’t though he could beat 2 or 3 players and then side ways passed it or put in a cross without getting his head up. I just watched his game against United, which I remember as 1 of his better ones and he didn’t put any incisive passes in, it’s never been in his locker. He might have created chances from his mazy runs but not from the quality of his passes.


Indeed :hipster: :mustafi:


Starting at CM today then


Iwobi is doing great tbf



Mahrez vibes. Cant wait to see him in action again.


Kid’s got talent!


I would give him a shot against Chelsea on Sunday, see how he does when getting thrown into the deep end but honestly I don’t think we will see him again until the Carling cup


It’s only a training session, but Reiss Nelson just did this. Destroying his own defence!


So basically these pre season videos arnt a great deal different from zelalem and jeffs of the past? Or is he actually legit?


I think he’s legit tbh, I’m also pessimistic so if I’m saying that maybe it means something :eyes:


Arsenal picked up on it :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s had a much better pre-season than either, his dribbling is a really high level and his decision making and final ball have been pretty impressive. Best prospect since Wilshere imo.