Reiss Nelson (On loan)


And for once the club did the smart thing and got him to sign a new longterm contract before shunting him out on loan. Before i reckon we would have let him go out on loan and he starts killing it then all of a sudden we will be looking to renew his contract and we will be panicking thinking he might not renew and other big clubs can come in for him and we are in trouble again.


We may have found our new winger!! :wenger:


This is perhaps the only loan in Arsenal history which is working out.

#UnaiKnows #Unaiows


Fuck me how are there this many Liverpool fans in London, they aren’t even scouse


They like Nelson too?





I postedt he goals in the Bundesliga thread.


I say bring him back from the loan and he can take over from Welbeck.


He’s fucking bubbling over there :fire::fire::fire:

At this rate years from now people could be looking back at Sancho and Nelson as players that paved the way for English talent to ball out in Germany.


This loan has been brilliant for him so far. Bundesliga looks like a great paltform for youngters trying to get their foot in the door at their respective parent clubs. Surely we have to give him serious consideration for next season?
Works nicely for him with Ramsey and possibly Welbz leaving.


Our very own Mbappe


Who are the posters that said that didn’t care if this was a permanent deal or a loan ?


He still hasn’t done anything at Arsenal. Hold your fire cowboy.


Boy I got it wrong on this one. Not use to our players having productive loans


I’m aware and he still might not, still think it’s wrong for people to not care if we sold an 18 year old who’s capable of 10 + Bundesliga goals for pittance.


Hallo Hoffenhiem lurkers,
Please come in and let us know how Reiss is doing in aspects other than the goals.

Not you Cunninglinguist.


I didn’t have it in him to end up so good there. He always seemed like a good player but not anything special.
Hats off to the guy.:clap: Hope he keeps on with this form till the end.


In will be very interesting to see where this Nelson, Smith-Rowe and Maitland-Niles nucleus will end up and who will be added to it. I’ve read some positive stuff about this Saka kid.