Reiss Nelson (On loan)


I posted the goals in the Bundesliga thread. Thanks.


I didn’t think he’d get time but fair play to him for doing well



Great to see him killing it :fire::fire::fire:


What a fantastic start to his loan, this is very encouraging.


Thanks my luv


Thanks bro. Not many look at the goals i post.


I actually forgot he was only 18 years old. For some reason I had convinced myself he was in his early twenties.

Moving to another country is difficult (new language, you don’t really know anybody etc.) so for an 18 year old to hit the ground running is really impressive. Says a lot about his character, mental fortitude and all that.

The realist in me still has basically zero expectations because the odds are stacked against him making it at Arsenal.

Aside from the goals, has anybody got any input on his actual performances?


Pretty fucking sick he’s gone over to Germany on loan as an 18 year old and is lighting the Bundesliga up like that.

Trailblazer for other British youth. About time.


I don’t understand why we don’t see more of these kids doing this, the opportunity to live and work abroad whilst experiencing different culture should be no different than any other job just because it’s football.


Actually big clubs have been sending out younger players for years now…it so happens to be that English academies are full with foreigners too these days.


I know we get a lot of the kids from abroad but I meant in terms of the British lot.


Would you call him back in january? I would be tempted and sell Welbeck.


Nope. Give him more time to develop there. We’re unlikely to give him adequate game time here just yet. No point bringing him back just to bench him against FC Narnia!


I think if we have injury crisis maybe. Otherwise this seems like dream loan so far. Use it to figure out if we can rely on him more this summer. We still need another top winger imho, especially with Ramsey leaving. Auba, Micki, Ozil, and improving Iwobi as options really is an odd mix - only one a proper winger , and even Iwobi has central tendencies from time to time.


Makes a nice change to see one of our youngsters out on loan playing regularly at a decent level. And playing well by the sounds of it!


Scored for Hoffenheim again. :eyes: An absolute beauty it was too.


Stunning goal. I mean Sancho is getting all the plaudits but Nelson is killing it atm himself.


Great stuff - maybe turns into an option for first team next year - we can definitely use another clever attacking player with end product and is perhaps more naturally suited to wide play.


Not that I’m watching anything he’s doing beyond the clips on here but starting to get excited that we could have a player on our hands here.