Reiss Nelson (On loan)


wish there was a clip of his goal, was it good?


Hey :bellerin: thats not cool… nah who am i kidding Bundesscheisse can do one :poldi:


You’re on the same forum as the football beast that is Luca. Of course there is a clip


i saw that, but the clip isnt there taken down due to copyright


oh right lol, i dunno then.



Too bad he only scored in defeats. Hoffenheim is going down. 13th place out of 18?


At least they know how to develop and educate players :gabriel:.


Cheers mate. Someone still doesn’t like my work :bellerin:


Thanks Phoebica


Reiss Nelson just scored a nice free kick for England U21s. It’s only against Scotland though, so should probably only count for half a goal :poldi:




This definitely triggered a few junkies on OA


Fixed :+1::wink:


It might match my name but it matches your reality



Don’t mind him Calum, @JakeyBoy is just on another drunk posting spree :arteta:


Too fuckin right I was. High percentage beers and tequila on a work night was a sensationally bad idea. I’m honestly still hanging now on the train home.

Made the mistake of looking in the mirror in the lift as I arrived at the office. Poorly styled hair, bleary narrow eyes and a general demeanour that suggested I could possibly die from alcohol poisoning at any minute. Realised I looked like a right fuckin state.

Not particularly professional to be in such a state, especially now I manage a few people, I should be setting a fucking example haha.

I guess I was setting an example, just not the right one :sweat_smile:


You’re some guy Jake :arteta:


Got a brace atm against Nuernberg.