Reiss Nelson (On loan)




I think this is a great move all round. Working under an exciting and innovative coach like Nagelsmann should hopefully push Nelson on somewhat. Would be nice to see him thrive in a similar way to Sancho.

Also, it means we have a scout in the Nagelsmann camp for a year :henry2:





Great news. Come back stronger Reiss!





Wish he’d gone to West Brom instead


Nooooo!!! Not after what happened with gnabry





:facepalm: my bad


good to see he’s made a good start to his loan, think he will be in our squad next season


Young English players should follow his example. Maybe you’d actually produce a successful national team.


I understand that players improve when they tend to be out of their comfort zone but its weird to me whenever people suggest English players need to move to different league when English league is one of the best.
Most players in Spanish National team played mostly in Spain, Most players in German National team played mostly in Germany.


They can move abroad primarily for the opportunity and path to play which lets face it is limited in the PL to say the least.

Then there’s something to said for moving abroad to experience a different culture and perhaps tactical approach to the game which they would likely not get playing at some of the lower sides in the PL or Championship.




You mean football education is shit in England. Why don’t Spanish or German players need that?


I expected his thread to be spammed full with the fact that he scored again.


Nobody cares about Bundescheisse :arteta:


Dortmund, a Everton level team, is top of the league, clearly another sign of the inexorable decline of German football.