Reiss Nelson (On loan)


He hasn’t really left though, he’s just choosing not to post :slight_smile:


Leel people have already shifted to the Smith-Rowe bandwagon and couldnt care less about Nelson. Modern football in a nutshell.


I assure you when he leaves in a season or two the vast majority of us won’t give a fuck either.

And to be fair, we basically don’t now.


He had that fantastic performance agaist benfica in the LOL cup. Hasnt showed anything on note in the first team since sadly.

Has all the ingredients to be a potent winger tho. Pace, trickery and flair. Still only 18, lets see.


Still not sure whether these posts are about Nelson or Cuellar :speak_no_evil:


Doesn’t really matter as both are only away temporarily thank god.


Yeah exactly, seen way too many of these promising youngsters turn into nothing.

Once he starts banging them in every other week in the premier league then I’ll sit up and take notice but for now he’s just one of many other talents who seems like he may not be able to walk the walk and talk the talk.


Only the crème de la crème make it to the first team at a young age. Wilshere at 18/19 years of age was miles ahead of the likes of Nelson. As is Guendouzi now.

Nelson has had chances and looked bang average and hasn’t taken them. Won’t be a loss at all.


Tell me more about the creme dela creme :henry2:



Him going abroad to play in one of the top leagues shows he is highly rated than him going league two.



If he goes must keep track of his loan spell.


Was curious to see how he did in cups and spot appearances, but this is probably a better move as long as he can get some consistent minutes… needs to develop his game, build confidence, and get his youth swagger back. His ultimate value to us will depend on him using his unique creative skills and flair and building on those more.


He is gonna play in the Champions League as well so this is a big chance for him to improve.



Number 9 :cech:


did he sign the new contract before he left?


Yeah. That’s what I’m wondering. Still, why would Arsenal sanction a loan if he didn’t?


We’ll know when it’s posted on