Reiss Nelson (On loan)


Lookman benefited from his experience.

He’s probably thinking if he’s on the fringes here and will receive close to no game time why not go and experience Germany whilst also playing more than he would here.

Whether it’s permanent or a loan it would be a good look for him, I like to see young English talent giving it a go abroad rather than stagnating in England.


The new generation are all doing that it seems, Sancho, and a few others I don’t know about are going to the Bundesliga.

Edit: thank god


The headline says he’s leaving permanently?! :joy:


I think the situation is helped if Welbeck eventually, hopefully, becomes a free agent at the end of the season. I understand the need to play regularly, he’s still at a tender age though and wherever he goes to, he’s still got to accept that he’ll more than likely ride the bench.

He still has plenty of options with Arsenal. A new manager that will give him a chance and a position that isn’t exactly commanded by anyone in particular. I feel he needs to apply himself better when/if he is featured in a first team game though. He’s always kept it simple during his appearances. He’s capable of so much more and I think everyone is privy to that.

I hope it’s just a loan and I’m super happy if it is under Nagelsmann.


Good loan. Hoffenheim play attacking football so he can express himself well there.


This sure as hell better not be a permanent move, if it is we are even more stupid than I thought, really don’t want Gnabry part 2.


Gnabry hasnt done anything of note since leaving. Just saying.


@AbouCuellar :henry2:

Oh wait, he’s ‘left’ OA…


Will give exactly zero shits if he leaves permanently.


Other than getting himself a move too Bayern? Surely he needs to prove himself on that level too, but that move is something of note.


That Bayern deal was done the day he left us tbh.


For a second I thought you meant that for AC and I was like ‘man that’s rude’




Didn’t he score double digit league goals in the bundesliga ? Actually he’s done it in consecutive seasons :joy:


Shame he left tbh, one of the few on here that talks sense about Emery… come back @AbouCuellar


OR, you can leave with him and spare us your bloody negativity?




I literally couldn’t care less.

In the first team games he’s had he’s looked all right but not enough to warrant any kind of reaction if he were to leave.


Never really got an opportunity playing in his preferred position though, he’s still insanely young and it would be a mistake to write him off this early.


If he’s not signing a contract then it really isn’t a case of writing him off.

We gave guys like him countless chances and got fuck all out of it the last decade anyway so if he’s not happy off he goes.