Reiss Nelson (On loan)


Yeah that isn’t what I meant lol… more that he had a swagger and individuality about him.


lol yeah I know I just thought the wording was funny and couldn’t resist


I am a little sad that he seems to have completely lost that… hoping it is just that he is suffering from graduation syndrome and will recover it with more time and encouragement…


Yeah, I dunno…I’m not particularly optimistic. He’s not especially powerful, he’s exclusively played on the right wing where he’s not going to really be able to use his better qualities (creativity, technique)…he was certainly as exciting a talent as we’ve had at youth ranks for a long, long time (best player to come through the academy since Wilshere–that doesn’t include players signed by the academy like Gnabry, mind), but sometimes they just don’t translate. Not gonna lose hope because he’s got quality but I definitely worry for him, especially with this kind of auxiliary wing-back style of play he seems to be stuck in.


Very good level, let’s hope he gets regular game time


The 18-year-old is out of contract next summer and has stalled on signing a new deal with Unai Emery’s side after it initially looked like he would commit to the club at the end of last season.



I don’t blame him for wanting to work with the coolest and future best manager in the world :sunglasses:


My mate just alerted me to this, very interesting. With our lack of interest in strengthening that area over the summer I really thought (still do) this would be our opportunity to give him a real go at it


Ffs… can we send them Ramsey intead?


It’s a big ask for him to put himself above Welbeck and Iwobi right now.

My only worry is that Hoffenheim is too big a step up for him but you never know.


is this a loan, hope to hell it is.


Under the circumstances I like that young English players are beginning to look to for example Bundesliga to get game time. When Lookman left Everton Allardyce apparently wanted him to stick around because opportunities would arise but Lookman reportedly said that he prefered and wanted to go to Germany instead.

For those scared that oil money and foreign influx will create too much competition to the point where it harms young British players - this might be how they get around it and it might end up benefitting English football? Hm.


How comes you think that? He was on the fringes of our team last season, can only imagine he’d want to spur on from there


I may be forgetting games but don’t recall him putting in a good performance for the first team. I got the impression he was out of his depth (which is fine for a 17 year old).

But still, he’s clearly too good for the reserve league and I doubt he’d be going to Hoffenheim to be a star man, so it should benefit him to be 2nd/3rd choice there than 4th/5th choice here.


Kiddo hopes to pull a Sancho. Personally, I think Reiss is really good but can’t say I was ever in awe of his talent.
We’ve had some proper talents in the club, which I would put ahead of him. Hope he can develop into proper starboy in Bundesliga.


Nope, permanent deal. Its a shame but he’s clearly not going to sign a new contract and that puts us in a weird position where if she stayed and played well, or went on loan and did well,. It would only make it more likely another club would benefit and get him on a free.


Seeing different stories on this. Some say permanent, others claiming he’ll sign a new deal with us then go to Hoffenheim on loan


I thought it was permanent, why else would you transfer to a club like Hoffenheim?

I doubt he gets into the 11 regularly on a 1 year loan.


Please be a loan.

Some really depressing decisions going on at the club this minute.


Not really bothered if it’s a loan or a transfer tbh

Good luck to him. Very good move