Reiss Nelson (On loan)


He got talent. He could be the winger we are missing atm.


I’m not seeing the personality from him that I would’ve hoped for. Just watched him a bit yesterday but it was more of the same from last season, receive the ball, take an easy option. Tidy but not showing his personality on the pitch. Part of it is due to the position, of course, it’s not easy as right footer out on the right wing do be too expressive, unless your style is pure pace and dribbling, which it isn’t, but still. Worrying for him that Emile Smith-Rowe would seem to have skipped him in the pecking order. Wenger made a mess of his development with that wing-back nonsense. Probably needs a loan at a place he can express himself more and show more personality.


Think it’s so important for younger players to impose their personality from early otherwise they risk ending up stunting their own growth and potential.


Spot on Abou.

Said similar last season. He doesn’t show any ability to commit defenders, always uses the safe option when we want to see him running with the ball. Before I put it down to Wenger forcing that style upon him, so it could mean he needs de-wengerising till we see him. Unless he’s just that way inclined, and if he is then he’ll go nowhere.

Really needs to show us what he’s made of otherwise he can be moved on.


Yeah I just hope he can gain the confidence to show his u-21s self now that he has a few first team games under his belt and hopefully in his preferred position.

Playing him wingback was dumb AF


I’ll admit to not following his youth career that much, but from what I’ve seen in the first team, he hasn’t ever stood out.

I don’t really understand the hype about Nelson personally. Sounds like he is playing within himself but definitely see AMN as being the most likely to be an Arsenal player long-term.


If he can’t force himself into this Emery team then I fear for his future in all honesty. I really wonder if Unai has plans for him present or future? He turns 19 towards the end of the year and if he’s that much of a talent, he should be imposing himself on the team soon.

Will be interesting to see what youngsters come through under Emery’s reign.


Maybe he could get work experience with Hector’s fashion line



Did I miss the other news?


We loaned out Chambers




Is Nelson even that good? Like he seems alright in the games that I’ve seen but he’s hardly some Lemar/Dembele/Mbappe type talent that’s setting the world alight.

Feel like we’ve seen a lot of these very promising young players have a good youth career and then flash in the pan in their senior career.


Our pattern of youth production would seem to indicate his prospects of making it at Arsenal are very slim.

I guess Iwobi and Hector are the most recent ‘successes’ which doesn’t say alot about our academy tbh. I haven’t seen anything from Nelson that would suggest he’ll make it here. He seems like the kind of player who will stone wall in his early 20s and fizzle out


For some reason Arsenal have really struggled in the last 7/8 years to produce and maintain quality youngsters. They just all seem to end up out on loan forever or sold anyways. I would like to get excited about a youth prospect for us, but it always seems like too much initital hype and then they promptly fade. Whether that’s also down to the way Wenger was developing them or the staleness that crept into the club in recent years played it’s part as well, we’ll have to see going forwards under new management.


Every club fails to produce quality youngsters.

Kane and Rashford are the only players at the top 6 I can think of that actually came through and made it (if what Rashford has done is even making it). I guess Welbeck fits the bill too :poldi:


@Mysty and @sevchenko have nailed how I feel about Nelson and our youth system in general.


I think whosever job it is to improve him individually will do well to make him into a beastly winger. I think Reiss has lived off of his youth hype alone and is looked upon as a standalone talent but has suffered from having no direct training to enhance his skillset.

He has a relatively good burst of pace, skilful, can take his man on and has a pretty cracking shot. Look at the plaudits Arteta got from Pep in being credible for improving Sanè at City. Reiss needs similar one-on-one coaching to improve rather than being this weird Wenger hybrid of a 10/wingback. It must be confusing learning what he’s been commanded to do from the past to what he’s being asked of now.

For Example, Iwobi plays as a false winger/10 for possessing technical traits. He doesn’t offer any basic winger tendencies (or none from what I’ve seen) and yet I’m torn because I think there is a brilliant player there but he’s been partially developed and caught in some odd limbo stasis of not offering a great deal because there’s not one clear definition of what he does best/we already have a player who can do what he ‘does’ much better (Özil/Mhki).

I’ve not been blown away with any of Nelson’s senior performances to be fair but leave feeling there’s a lot more to be seen of him. Like sev mentions, if he doesn’t receive some sort of coaching soon, he’ll be five years down the line another young fringe player stuck in a dead end.


Nelson was beastly in the U ranks… his dribbling, confidence, and personality were bursting at the seams in that level… I agree with you 100% he needs dedicated coaching and I also think that type of player needs to be told to take risks… when they graduate they often get too timid and conservative, deferring to experienced players, but that doesn’t play to his strengths imho.

Maybe he makes it maybe he doesn’t, but his trajectory a year+ ago was pretty exciting.


He never struck me as that unstable :thinking: