Reiss Nelson (On loan)


Needs to transfer his England play into his league play - we could do with a few more goals from midfield ?!


Hard to do that when for us he plays wing back.


Huge difference in levels. Sanogo and Afobe were 2 of the top talents in under 22 world football and Eisfeld was considered better than Gotze. None of them made it in top flight football.


Even as wing back would love to see him have a go - appreciate Wenger has put him there to learn positions however if our defenders like Monreal can score regularly ??


If only Wenger tried him as winger and no as fucking wingback we would see the real Nelson.


From what I saw of the game (wasn’t paying close attention tbh) I didn’t think he was all that despite the two goals.


Looks like he was hungary for goals.


Think that Eisfeld was considered better than Gotze thing was just one tweet that someone made up and was believed and Arsenal fans on twitter and forums went wild with.


Played within himself today, made one or good pass, did one or two good runs; but overall not very effective.


Can’t expect too much from him in his first start. Did ok overall though.



Thank fuck. I had read some article and then searched him on twitter because of the scare it gave me insinuating that he was likely to go the Sancho/Willock route so really pleased about this. Another reason to say fuck twitter.


Now we need him to play his natural game, and develop; that part is up to him now.


Wenger should really get him as many games as possible in this pointless league run-in. Would be nice if he could get him a start through the middle in Özil’s position or on the left where he can influence the game a bit more. But then of course Danny Welbeck. :facepalm:


Left or right wing for me; iwobi is better served playing as the 10 to develop a third of the talent that our assist god has.


Yeah that’s fair but Iwobi is equally as effective on the left whereas I think Nelson would benefit from playing his natural position at the 10 where he can have more influence.


Wilshere out. Nelson in.


Was quite dissapointed with his first start. Wanted to see him committing players and playing his natural game. Seemed a bit suffocated and was happy to play sideways instead of taking risks. No doubt afraid of upsetting the manager.


So just to be clear you want to drop or re-position Ozil for Nelson who looked out of his depth when he had more time and space on the wing.


Wonder if he’ll get a new kit number