Reiss Nelson (24)

Above people were comparing Nelson to Iwobi and Willock and saying that should be the price target which is what I was responding to.

Willock scored 8 PL goals in half a season for Newcastle as a 20 year old. 25mill
Nelson has 4 goals PL goals since making his debut in 2017… Hes turning 25 this year.

Iwobi was an established PL player with 70 PL starts and a regular for us for three years. 30mill
Nelson has 9 PL starts with his last coming in the 2019/2020 season.

They are not the same.

30 million would be insane money for Reiss.

Let’s hope we get it.

Judging by how much we managed to get for folk like Oxlade, Iwobi, Willock.

I think we should be looking at £25m for Nelson in 2024.

He’s under contract, homegrown etc. Folk need to pay up.

You know if he was at Chelsea, the going rate would be £35m - but we always sell under valuation for some reason, so £25-30m would be good business.

Everyone loves a Chelsea bailout in this league.

Wide options with Nelson:

Saka, Mar9, Jesus, Trossard, ESR, Nelson

Wide options without Nelson:

Saka, Mar9, Jesus, Trossard, ESR.

Let’s get him gone.

Have we regretted selling any player under Arteta?

Aubameyang in the interim yes, Xhaka arguably. We wouldn’t miss Nelson one bit.

Shit player.

If anyone offers north of 20, sell.


Poor player, don’t want to see him in an Arsenal shirt again for a long time.

Dead yute, take any fee

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Yeh this guy has absolutely nothing going on


I’m taking sub £10m on some Hudson-Odoi shit

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Earned himself a move to Leicester with his performance tonight. Just not good enough. We all knew it and despite that he got a new deal. Let’s see if the much vaunted “protect the value” argument wins out this summer.

I never want to see him start again. His stand out moment tonight was dummying a tap in and ending up wrapped the net. Dog.

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He just isn’t anywhere near this level.

I think we can all see why Saka is always playing at all costs.


He does this weird thing where he makes space & intends to drive diagonally towards the goal but then moves the ball slightly back with outside of his foot and breaks his flow. Odd choice of play and completely counterintuitive for an attacker.

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Dude has a disgusting contract. Will never shift him

Edu’s hand is slowly reaching towards the big red “TERMINATE CONTRACT” button.

I’m sure he would do well at most mid table PL clubs. Just need the right one to come in with a bid. Anything around the £20m mark would be decent.

do feel bad for Reiss… lad tried hard but today’s squad was heavily rotated, and we just want nothing but the 3 points.

What’re his wages though? Brentford isn’t throwing 100k/wk at him.

Would be great to get that fee but highly unlikely I think. I think 15m max is what we get for him.

Club may be willing to stretch and player may be willing to take a cut for regular game time. Nelson is at an age where he needs to play, otherwise he doesn’t have a career.

I’d be happy to take £15m, plus as a home grown player we take 100% of that for FFP. But do think there is a club out there that needs a winger with some pace.