Reiss Nelson (24)

Still think he should be converted to a RB.


He was very good at winning the ball back last night, good pressing as well.

Aka you don’t want Hector at RB. Totally agree!!

It’s a big job sunday for the right back. Rashford favours that side and Bruno seems to link well with him.
Needs addressing big time. Giving Arteta attention for detail to recognise this or it’s defeat.

Rashford is going to violate Bellerin and I’m ok with it. 2 lovely humans teaming up.

Another rashy hattrick and Tory callout will be second best thing after an arsenal win.

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This guy was horrific. Please never play him again

Was he really that bad ? Not that he did anything good as such but I thought he was better than Willian.

Hale End sucks!


His crossing made me want to claw my eyes out with a rusty spoon

No. This’ll be overreaction after overreaction for another 48 hours.

You can’t win games with our midfield (no Partey).

Throw Mane on the wing and he’d get no service.