Reiss Nelson (24)

I’m sick of all the Arteta untouchables tbh. I’m quite close to going full respect hale end here. They can’t be any worse!

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He might have a future here. Great so far in the first half. They can’t get the ball off him and had some great ideas himself when on it.

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Why not?

Cause he’s a tad shit

Well, he’s been great so far today. :man_shrugging:

Found his level


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Same for our starters then since they haven’t performed well apart from the Fulham game.
I guess that’s their level. So Nelson ain’t that far off.

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So have Kolasinac, Eddie and Willock!

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Plenty of our starters are shit too.

Fair, but Reiss has barely seen a minute since July.
Harder for him to perform.

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The posters that have written Reiss off…

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Lad is still going. Suoerb performance. Needs a goal too.
Probably his best game for us.

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I wanna see him do this against a team that isn’t 18 tiers below our standard. He will probably revert to type, conservative shit.


Yes brother. I take it you’re with me in the respect Hale end group :handshake:

His ball retention and ballcarrying is great. We miss that a lot in the first team.

Needs to improve on his pass and shot timing. If he won’t make it as a winger, he can make it in midfield for sure.

Needs game time more than anything.

The Auba LW and Lacazette terrorism has been awful for his development. Along with Martinelli, Pepe and Balogun.

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Imagine getting yourself all worked up over his performance tonight.

Kid has literally been able to express himself without resistance and his end product has still been dire.

I really expected him to least score and I don’t even rate him.

Baby steps with Reiss, the first objective is for him to assert himself on the opposition and look to dribble/pass forward at every opportunity because he has the ability for it, instead of being timid which he has been guilty of.

He looked hungry to do that constantly tonight so he deserves credit. His final ball and decision making was inconsistent but he was getting himself into dangerous situations repeatedly
against a very set, low block team.

He told Mikel he wants to fight for his place this season and so far, he looks like he will do that.


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I’ve maintained that he has the technical quality but he lacks the personality to impose himself in pressurised situations. He could be a real player for us if he had the mentality to play his game no matter who the opposition is.