Reiss Nelson (24)


I swear you only post on here to plug your videos :joy::joy:


@Stev_Afc feel free to continue to plug your vids. We’d also be happy to hear from you too. :slight_smile:


No problem aha ! I’ll try to give my opinion sometime :slight_smile:


It would be nice if he was starting more games, obviously the manager doesn’t think he’s doing enough goals aside to warrant more starts.

He is there to learn. He has done great so far.

Anybody been keeping tabs on Nelson? No goals or assists since 10 November and has made only one start in that time as well I think.

Think he’s injured at the moment.

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Saviour Status: Revoked


On the flip side from the Gnabry debacle, Nelson :eyes::eyes::fire::fire::fire::fire:


Wish he was seeing more minutes ATM, I check the Hoffenheim lineup religiously when the teams come out, then have that letdown feel when he’s on the bench :cry:.

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Is he too big for his boots already?


Nelson is such a cocky English


Seems like he a had a little purple patch then has been injured(?) Or just not picked/playing shit.

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Very bad look for a loanee who started off strong.

He’s been playing poor since December

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As with all young footballers it inevitably gets to their head and then they piss it all away

Shame about that. He looked so promising back in september.

Yes seemed to be on a such a roll at the start of the season that many were calling to bring him back in January. But the second half of the season has been a disaster for him, no point bringing him back now to be fair. Just let the season play out and it give him a fresh start in the summer. But the Disciplinary reason’s is a worrying sign that the lad might have an ego on him, hope it’s something he learns from.

Jfc can’t we catch a break with these young stars?