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Anyone else wish that the girls had voted Kai off? Was he we found to happen as he is an original. But my God, he has the personality of a fig. I quite fancied him at first, but now the only use he’d have for me is if I was struggling to sleep.

tbf all 3 could have went.

Originals tend to stay longer tho and I think Olivia fighted for her guy quite strongly :joy:

I don’t trust her either. What was she on about she’s fancied Kai from the start?! No she hasn’t. She just wants to stay relevant.

Not really invested in any of the couples this year so far. Need Tanyel to find someone. Lana and Casey have potential. And I like Shaq, but not really sure about Tanya, she can be a bit annoying.


Yeah. I do quite like Will and Jessie as a couple.

Think Casa will be an absolute madness

I like Jessie and Will, I’m just finding it hard that to believe she’d really go for someone like him. Time will tell.

Casa Amor will have them all coming back with someone. Going to be great :sweat_smile:

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When is casa is it coming up soon? Might get back into it for that, always the best bit.

wow I was genuinely shocked when Jordan picked Ellie. :rofl::rofl:

That’s who I wanted him to pick but I thought he was 100 percent picking Tanyel :exploding_head:

Same. Especially when he said the part about it being platonic.

I’m ready for Casa now. Not enough excitement with this lot at the moment.


Every season the boys are really close but this season it seems like Kai and Ron are separated from the others lol.

I’m sorry what.

Why is Lana and Tanya getting on Shaq for making Ron come and wash his fucking dishes with the rest of the guys. Why does he think he is different?!

The arrogance of him is off the scales :joy:

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Ron is such a prick lol. Master manipulator. Lana deserves to have her heart run over by this bellend.

Such a trash bloke lol. He doesn’t like Shaq because he called out his cuntish behaviour and is being a little spoilt baby about it. Rather than taking his medicine he wants to pretend like he’s such a great dude.

Every fucker is chipping in with the washing up, why does he think he is above it? And why were the girls backing him up being a lazy cunt?



Sunday :heart_eyes:

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Tanya and Shaq have an argument at the worst time possible :joy:

Although I can see why he was annoyed as Lana didn’t need to be in the conversation aswell. Tanya should have said it on a one on one instead

Casa amor isnt casa amoring. I wouldn’t switch for any of these lol

Sanam looks tasty but otherwise Casa Amor is looking like reserve team football.

Yeah Sanam is defo the best one. Sammy is pretty too. The boys aren’t anything to write home about either.

Martin and Ryan probably the pick of the bunch.

Girls moving mad :joy::joy: think the girls do the casa madness this season.

Lmao did itv misunderstand what gorgeous means?

The lads are all decent though (apart from psycho killer kain), few options for the existing girls.

Been bit of a dead season tbh but the casa amor recoupling episode saves it again.

Always the best episode of the season. Enjoyed that.

Jessie handled that very maturely. Will really fucked it lol and he knows :joy:

Poor Shaq also. Best guy in the show and got done by Tanya for a poorer version of Dami

Wtf was with Olivia’s attitude? Giving Kai all sorts of judgment - bitch you’ve literally recoupled yourself? Are you fucking dumb?

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Apparently the show has been renamed to Liv Island. She needs to rest :yawning_face:

She has such main character syndrome lol