Reality TV thread

Loool Toby’s face there!

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Toby is raging :joy:

Tomorrow’s episode :syringe::syringe::syringe::syringe:

Hugo didn’t really need to say that stuff but it’s fucking good tv. What a lad :joy:

He really didn’t have to go that hard at all :joy: She’s been treated a little shabbily by Toby, but nothing awful let’s be honest. He’s definitely shooting his shot now though, I said it to my other half as soon as he was lying down comforting her about the situation.

Hugo has a :snake: side to him, I like it.

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I agree I just didn’t expect it. Toby was a dick to Chloe but just didn’t expect the resident nice guy to use his recoupling speech to diss Toby :joy:

I also think Hugo fancies her and he wants to shoot his shot so fair play but she’s not interested in the slightest. Shes always said he’s too nice haha

I’d have loved Hugo if he said mic drop and pretended to drop a mic :joy:

Does anyone know what the fuck is bobs burgers?

Its some cartoon on before love island haha I always catch the end of it :joy::joy:

Faye is also annoying as fuck. Should keep her big fake lips out of it. Shit stirrer

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“You’re a girl follower!”



CASA AMOR ALERT :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: @Electrifying

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Oh yes, I hear finally there’s some drama? Time for me to jump in :henry2:

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Amber :joy:

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Caught up with this earlier. I found that whole “will you be my girlfriend?” thing so cringe. I know there is usually one couple every series who make a song and dance of it, but it’s still ridiculous.

I think I’m on your Liam and Millie train now by the way. I like Aaron, but Lucinda annoys me.

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Casa Amore Cast

It really is Blonde Island this year :joy: Also strange seeing a 20 something good looking girl called Mary haha

Dis gun b gud

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Maybe her full name is hyphenated, something like Mary-Lou, Mary-Kate or Mary-Beth, they’re a bit more common in younger people.

I was reading about her though. She fancies Liam. I can’t see Liam ditching Millie, but you never know, there is usually one guy who does the dirty.

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I think Liam is locked on Millie. He looks like he has fallen 100 percent for her. :joy:

I don’t care about any other couples so hope they can survive Casa

Who the fuck voted for Chloe and Hugo??!!

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: man got a pie. I am embarrassed :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Hugo is popular. And perhaps people felt for Chloe over the Toby situation

Haven’t seen last night’s show yet, but I saw that Lucinda and Aaron went. I liked Aaron, but I think Lucinda was really unpopular. Reckon Aaron would have hooked up with someone else in Casa Amor, but we’ll never know now.

Two of the guys in Casa are Scottish :raised_hands: @Electrifying


Have you caught up?

What an episode. :joy: Jake will stay loyal but looks like every other boy could turn. The return episode already could be elite :joy:

Also Jake loves feet ffs. What did it taste like :nauseated_face::joy:

Yeah, up to date.

It was funny seeing Millie say “the boys are probably having the same conversation as us and wondering what we’re up to,” while Liam is having a lap dance and three way snogs :sweat_smile:

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