Reality TV thread

This isn’t really a cliffhanger is it? Joanna and Michael are going to leave together. They’ll vote Joanna out and Michael will say he’s leaving to be with her. Amber cries after being semi-rejected but stays as Michael gives her a pep talk.


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Watched back all the casa amor hijinks since I came back (best part of the show, not worth watching the rest because you can see they’re milking the shit out of the little drama they have even now)

Amber isn’t as bad as I thought based on twitter and here or the other clips I watched.

She’s a bit immature but nothing more than any other strong feisty 20 year old. Shell grow up and it’ll be fine.

Anna on the other hand… Humongous hypocrite and one of the worst type of people around.

Acting like a bitch to Jordans face as well when the recoupling happened, but then turns into billy big-bollocks Vs Michael.

Fuck out. Then I find out she patches Ovie who she apparently has this amazing connection with (he was tall, that’s only why she went for him lol)


Joanna what the fuck lol. Michael was gonna leave for you and you called him a snake and to fuck off and stay

@Cristo why are you liking this u fraud ?


Luk nu røven forhelvede og lad mig være i fred :arteta:

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Jeg er bare en skuffet mand. Du var mit store OA idol brormand.

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Fuck up Molly. She’s proper annoying now :joy:

Michael SIIIIIIIIIIIUU @Electrifying

Bit of a boring show tonight. And I don’t like it when they bring newbies in so late. Only 2 weeks left, they’re just going to be voted out at the first opportunity.

Bare rolig det er jeg stadig, jeg ser ikke det lort jeg ved bare hvad de taler om pågrund af mine kollegaer og vores whatsapp gruppe

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what he do

Excuse me what is this language? We speak English here.

@Phoebica Can you believe one of the girls fancies the most popular guy with the public haha :thinking:

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Told Amber not to get any ideas cause Joanna’s left his head is with her and he’s waiting for her because he doesn’t want to lose the experience

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Haha i know, I thought exactly the same thing. She likes the popular single guy, what are the chances?!


One of them looks like there lips have exploded ffs :rofl:

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Twitter so salty they still couldn’t get rid of Michael. Inject it @Calum

What a man. Let’s be real, nobody in there is gonna have any connection. Even Jack and Danny from last year lasted fuck all time.

All they’re gonna get out of this is becoming influencers, and Michael will be the best Influencer out of this lot of wet wipes.

I hope he doesn’t mess Amber about, but I do hope he continues to boil Fiat 500 twitter’s piss.

Also mannequin Molly is gagging for that £50k. Shame she is unlikable so won’t win.

Edit: just watched it, Michael does look a spanner lol. Doesn’t deal with talking to people well. But fuck it YOLO


:eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: Michael

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Michael is a dipshit tbf. Also Ovie is quite possibly the best human to have been on love Island ever.


Ovie is the real g.

Think Curtis and Maura could win it - Molly is scuppering my boy Tommy’s chances by being an irritating tit.


Greg’s Irish accent :heart_eyes:

I don’t fancy him, but he could definitely talk me into bed :smile:

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didn’t know try deeney was on love island

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