Reality TV thread

‘Oh look at me I’m too cool and mature to watch Love Island’ brigade is quieter than it used to be in here :stuck_out_tongue:

Here comes America to ruin it with their version :grimacing:

:open_mouth: can we watch it over here?

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ItvBe showed the Australian one so I don’t see why they wouldn’t show this one aswell haha

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Please… No :cold_sweat:

Ovie is an absolute top boy. Such a genuine nice guy

Is this some Mexican or Carobbean island then?


That was a nice exit for Amy. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lol she’s something else :joy::joy: poor Marvin never stood a chance

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“I can say I fancy you, but I can’t say I like you”


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Wouldn’t be against just giving the 50 grand to Ovie to be honest

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Great episode that. Maura in the dirty dancing was incredible. The other guys reactions :joy::joy:

Joanna did the most. Planned out her routine from A to Z to get maximum impact at the end for Michael. Amber just pops in, does a load of nonsense and still gets Michael’s heart racing the most…

“the heart knows what it wants.”

Jordan’s hair, though…

Maura’s kinda annoying. Hopefully Curtis chooses Francesca who seems sound, even if she does flick her hair every five or six seconds.

Ovie is the top guy what a hero. I want him to win with Amber. They have a great friendship

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I don’t watch this show but it’s not called find a friend island


For Ovie I’ll over look this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nah Tommy can fuck off. Keep stuff between your mates private. Why the fuck would you tell Molly Mae who is so imature she’ll tell the girls as soon as you leave.

Anna showing herself to be an absolute weapon again. Go on Jordan actually being a proper mate and not a fake one like Tommy then Anna going in a huff because he wouldn’t tell her something that didn’t concern her :joy: get in the :put_litter_in_its_place:

The producers have definitely been in the ears of Tommy and Jordan to try and make the story bigger than it is. Manufactured drama? Not for me, Clive.

Reminds me of when Jordan snaked Tom when he admitted Maura was a bit cringe. I think the producers encouraged Jordan to do that too.

My guy Ovie giving Anna the double pie :joy::joy::joy:

Also Anton you absolutely fucked yourself there. :giroud3:

Don’t say I’m kissing you because you are the best kisser in the villa lol when it’s not your girl