Reality TV thread

She’s a lot older than him as well.

She’s actually tragic lol. Beggiest girl I’ve ever seen on love island. She didn’t come off well in tonight’s episode at all :see_no_evil:

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Erm what? Sexual assault?! She only kissed him once fgs. Besides he is gorgeous

@Calum I think this thread could do with more tweets about Maura forcing herself on Tommy and how it would be an outrage if it were the other way round.

About seven more should do the trick.


Joe can fuck off. The creepy controlling bastard



Maura is like Marmite, but I think she’s great haha. Livened it up

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What do we think @Calum , Joe and Elma for the chop?


Already voted the second you could haha!

Voted to save Anton and Lucie.

Anton is a good guy. Lucie is the nicest girl looks and personality in there.

Joe is a creepy controling prick. Elma is meh

Byeeeee!! Buzzing for tomorrow and the fall of Joe


Lucie basically cries the second anybody says anything remotely negative towards her. It’s the defence mechanism of a child. Really irritating.

Amy is being really weird though - if Lucie doesn’t want to hang out then who cares. Really don’t get why she has such a major issue over this. Bitches to everybody at every opportunity.

Michael and Amber ftw

Yeah, i’ve done a U-turn on both Amber and Anton. Didn’t like either after the first couple of shows but have warmed to them both now. I’m going for Amber and Michael too. I thought Amy and Curtis were certs for the win at first, but not so sure anymore. She is a bit annoying and there is something a little cringey about Curtis.


@Cristo liking a lot of posts in this thread. A far cry from last year’s legendary rant :cry:

I’m just humouring the small dick intellectuals in here that still enjoy this low brow form of “entertainment”

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Don’t lie. You’ve joined the dark side. Welcome :smiling_imp:


@Cristo is definitely watching it he’s just to embarrassed to say after his speech last year :joy:

@Phoebica this is the good side!!

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I actually haven’t, my team at work literally have a debrief everyone morning during our huddle and I can’t avoid it and they post all the memes in our work WhatsApp group

Well bevy mate

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So you joined it so you didn’t feel left out :wink: We are all friends in this thread. Just say it Cristo a massive lift will come off your shoulders

Repeat after me…

I’m Cristo and I’m a love islandaholic.

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It’s okay mate. You can watch that documentary about men who have sex with cars another time, and I’m sure you’ve got that poncey Victorian period drama on series record already…let your mind be free and enjoy some easy-going entertainment.

Nobody judges here (except for the many people who do judge ofc).

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I guess you missed Cristo’s post about Love Island and reality TV last year :grin:

Every like I get from him in this thread :syringe: :syringe: :syringe:


@Cristo is handing out likes for pro Love Island posts like there is no tommorow. The Cristo we all loved and adored is long gone it seems.

London has broken him.