Reality TV thread

Absolutely not having that he is 28. He looks about 48.


Oh fuck it’s arriving after the break :partey: :joy:


Davide feeling vulnerable without a girl, so he sucks Danica’s face off.

He gave her a gift, made her day…this dude is here to win at all costs :henry2:


Davide is up there with my all time favourite islanders now. :joy: some boy

He’s funny as fuck aswell and I am not sure if he means it :joy:


He’s an absolute destroyer and doesn’t give a fuck. He has a way with words that cracks me up. He’s going after the Greek girl next but she seems a bit too savvy for his games I reckon

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Davide is a G although looking forward to Tasha having her head turned !? Ekin-Su is a real one for punishment she just can’t handle the fact the boys see through her :rofl:just loves herself and the drama !!?

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Recoupling tomorrow will be interesting. Wonder who picks :thinking:

Either way I’m not expecting to see any of it and they’ll leave it on a cliff hanger till Sunday night again :rofl:

Looks like we will see it :eyes:

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I have trust issues. I need to see it to believe it :joy:

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Tasha is definitely gone.

Feel for Andrew. Seems like a nice guy.

I seen a tiktok earlier that said they are the reverse Curtis and Amy :joy:

Andrew is better than the other guy. And didn’t like the way she stormed off there as if Andrew did something wrong.

Casa Amor starts 4th July. At this rate there won’t actually be any couples to break up!

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Everyone comes back with someone new. :joy::joy:

Oh fuck they actually are showing it in full :eyes::joy:

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I’m living for Indiyah and Dami


Paige basically said she wasn’t interested in Jay and wanted to stick with Jacques, but he chose her anyway :roll_eyes:

Luca’s expressions at everything Andrew said lmao


Lol at Jacques. He definitely didn’t want to be left with Danica.


Jacques and Luca have terrible poker faces :arteta:

Hope Danica didn’t notice that lol

Luca and Dami were spot on there. Good to see them backing up their mate

I wanted to climb through the screen and smack Andrew.

What a pussy. She’s flat out violating him and he’s just there stroking her face like a pussy lmao

Indiyah and Dami are my winners