Raul Sanllehi

This is an interesting point actually.

People are always talking about how our board / exec doesn’t show any ambition. I don’t think signing Arteta is particularly ambitious myself. It’s extremely risky with a chance of high reward. But risk and ambition aren’t the same things. Would you describe a guy who bets £100k on 10/1 odds as ambitious or a risk taker?

Signing Rodgers and Ancelotti would give you a 6 or 7/10 manager. We don’t know how Arteta will turn out. Could be a 3, could be 9. Taking a risk doesn’t equate to ambition in my mind.

Ambitious would be trying to approach Guardiola or Klopp with a £25m / year contract. From memory, the most ambitious thing this club has done in the past few years is try to sign Mbappe.


Thread title changed. Suck it Raul!


What was it before?

Rotund Raul

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Should have enjoyed the praise whilst it lasted Raul.

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I think 2020 definitely needs to be the year in which Raul oversees a dramatic turnaround for the better or in which he needs to go.

He’s placed a big bet on an unproven manager - hopefully a successful one.

But after 2 years leading the football side of the club we sit in our lowest mid season position for many years. We’ve spent a lot on transfers in recent years and the teams performed terribly.

The Pepe purchase in no shape or form has justified 72m of spend. At that price you’d expect a regular starter who’d moved us right up the league rather than a player who’s in a fight to get off the bench. Pepe may turn good in the end and if we’d paid a fraction of the price it would be ok but for our record transfer it’s a true shocker. Even more shocking when you look at the weakness in central midfield and defence which was in more urgent need for the spend.

Then we appoint either fuck ups or want aways as club captains. We keep a head coach for months too long when he’d clearly lost the plot and the gibberish he spoke in interviews made pure comedy - good ebening.

All in all he should’ve had a P45 by now. But the Kroenkes are giving him another chance so he’s lucky to still have his job. Given the rebuilding needed for this squad let’s hope Raul can pull his finger out of his big fat arse and start to justify his seven figure salary and lofty status at the club.

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Tbf to three fids, while I don’t think he really has an actual clue, if Edu turns out to be a good decision maker and DoF and Arteta a good manager he’ll have done his job and turned this club around pretty quickly from the hell of Gazidis.

Like Levy three fids is not someone I would trust without good football people under him who have a real idea and vision for the club, but in at least being more decisive and bringing the spanish culture of not dealing with absolute bullshit managers for fucking years, he may have stumbled into a tic for his CV, if, and it’s a big if, Edu and Arteta turn out to be good hires who take the sporting reigns of the club.

Like Arteta with Emery—and Emery with Wenger honestly—its an extremely low bar that three fids had to lift after the fucking clueless bald cunt that is Gazidis.


Yes it’s possible Edu and Arteta will save him.

If they do a good job I wonder though if it makes him superfluous to requirements given we also have a contracts negotiator and a commercial MD.

I’d like to see Raul add value and possibly Edu and Arteta will be it. I hope Raul turns into a success on the back of this but his first two years at the club have been a shower of bad smelling runny poo.


The player recently joined up with agent Kia Joorabchian, who, since Raul Sanllehi’s rise within the club, has largely taken control of transfer dealings (behind the appointment of Edu as Technical Director, signing of David Luiz etc.).

This also explains the Brazilian player(s). Joorabchian has a history at Corinthians. I’m sure his influence on the Brazilian market has grown a lot the last 15 years.

It’s fucking murky going down this road with these sort of agents. Don’t sit right with me.

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Unfortunately agents are part of the game now if you avoid them like wenger you always will miss out of decent players

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If they become dependent on one of these guys alone that can become a problem. But if Arsenal can keep a divers ‘portfolio’ of players with different agents I don’t think that should become a problem.

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Fair point but I’d be a bit wary.

Don Fat Fraud


Big fat Raul sits there like Nero twiddling his thumbs as the club burns down around him.

Catastrophic use of club money on disaster standards of player recruitment and retention. A coaching team cobbled together on the cheap now he’s burned a large portion of the cash pile so we couldn’t afford a proven heavyweight and their teams.

We sit here seeing a team who is lost, plummeting down the league year by year and we see us fall down the football rich list season by season on the back of it.

Gazidis took us to the start of the tipping point (under the Kroenkes fucked up ownership regime). Sanllehi has now been paddling very hard taking us headlong over the edge of the water fall. Can’t see he’s got the competence to lead us out of the bottom of the whirlpool where we are now drowning.

Wish he would get off his lazy fat arse and fuck off.


Tbf during the summer when people were happy and exuding platitudes on him yours was the one discerning voice on him.
Looking by the days, weeks and months going by your fears coming into fruition. I’ve got no hope in him and his entourage backing Arteta needs in the summer.
Fair play mate your words have become more substantive as the season progresses.


Raul has zero eye for young talent, I see him as the sort that’ll try and sign players that have flopped at bigger clubs, lazy type recruitment.

Edu is my hope, that saying that he’ll be any good, but got to stay positive as we need something to hold on to.


raul had a hand in signing martinelli, so i dunno what you are basing this on, yes Edu might have had a hand in mentioning him but since it is Raul that is head i am sure if he didnt think it was a good idea he would have declined on signing him.

Ok let’s give Raul 2 % credit for Martinelli and Edu 98%, be real, if Edu wasn’t at the club Martinelli wouldn’t be an Arsenal player.

The PSG LB is certainly the type of signing I expect from Raul, so I definitely think those reports have truth to them.


but there you go again, you THINK that is the case and you THINK of certain types of players being Rauls and others being edus etc but you have no proof of that they work as a team and they spend a lot of time together they are always in contact with each other they say that Edu, Raul (coach now arteta) and Vinai are always liaising with each other over everything…you just have a certain thing in mind as regards Raul an agenda if you will that because you THINK he does a certain thing all of a sudden it is fact.