Raul Sanllehi


So he’s the Abou Diaby of our backroom staff?



Ok, did I miss something? :joy:


Just ACs further slide into insanity.


Nope not really.



@Mods this should be moved no?


Good luck man!


He’s looking a bit trimmer. Must be down to two of those fucking cheese things a day.


Wait what when did Ivan leave?

Why did none of you message me & inform me?


Just now (yesterday I think). He went to AC Milan, got a bigger pay I think. Since we started the Emirates thing The Deiner is long gone (I guess he was replaced by Gazidis to some extent right when the Kronks started buying shares), his part that went to Fiszman was bought by the Kronks, The lady’s shares have been bought by the Kronks, Our own dirty Russian oligark contender is pushed out of the picture and now Gazidis is gone. Kroenke is looking to keep it in the family it seems. Maybe.

I think the new guys Sanllehi and Vinai was both appointed by Gazidis though, not sure. I’m a bit worried but in the end it’s difficult to tell who on the board does what I guess. I’m worried about how we’re looking to handle the rising inflation in football if the Kronks are just looking to break even and play golf. It was all good when only 1 or 2 PL clubs competed with us financially, now that 5-6 clubs do it is a different thing I guess.


I don’t think we should expect long-term or structural deficits, but I do think with Josh in charge there is higher likelihood of more aggressive financial moves, including potentially short-term deficit spending and reserves reduction from time to time.

To me it comes down to ego and motivation - he could just sit back, watch a game or two and “be in charge” while ringing the register, having a CEO take all the heat… instead, he is putting himself there… I reckon he is going to want to make his mark a bit… these mega-rich people can do better ROI than football ownership or certainly spending his time on football club management - there has to be an element of legacy and ego here at play, at least that is my guess and my hope.


I’m trying to make a read on how they’ll operate from reading shite on the internet but I’m not getting anywhere, so if that’s how you think it’ll play out then I’m with you and I hope you’re right (that he’ll endorse a bit more spending).


I don’t really know how it will play out, but I think it is a non-insane way to think about it and I am hopeful that is how it will turn out.


Is their actually a multi-club/franchise owner that has a (highly) succesful club/franchise?


Tears in my eyes @AbouCuellar was right about this guy as well. Fully deserved the food based insults that I had no idea about the meaning of, that lead to a general food-based insult ban. :arteta:

What a time to be alive ffs. :poldi:


Enjoying our club struggling :facepalm:. Just hope there is a no deal so you can fuck off.


I hate this Luca. But it’s time to accept it. Either laugh about it or cry.

Shit day. For my club and my country lol. Everything I seem to have a stake in is run by people making completely inexplicable decisions.

Can’t wait to see the PR bollocks Arsenal get Ornstein to spout now about how losing Sven is good somehow.



The banter is the best thing about this club haha @Electrifying


I am fed up with people enjoying our demise. A big middle fingers to the 2 scots, @AbouCuellar and @Aussiegooner.

It’s probably time to leave this forum once and for all. Once it was a great board, not now anymore.


Calm down my guy.


If we can’t enjoy that, we can’t enjoy anything, it’s the only thing that I enjoy about supporting this club now.