Raul Sanllehi (Fuck Out!)

Feel for edu getting peters, wtf did he do for that?

If anyone deserved this, it’s Gazidis. But he’s off.

They should sign up to internet forums to vent like the rest of us.

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tbf it’s mainly because of all the years we’ve been bad and let the fans down, it’s built up overtime


They have to have known they were going to get their balls chewed at a fans Q&A. If that actually came as a surprise to them then I have little sympathy.


Well if Edu is shocked then now he knows the current circumstances surrounding the club more clearly now.

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They know they’ll get tough questions and frustration and I like and respect tthat they sit down and make themselves available to take hard and tough questions live, so many big companies never do that, and they should ask themselves what monstrosity they’re creating when they’ve gotten to a point where they can no longer face the people that are exposed to them/use their products/whatever it may be. So props to them.

No one likes to listen to a circle jerking fanclub of any product/company etc. just sit and say how awesome everything is.

In return however I feel that when fans/supporters/users etc. are given that chance to face responsible executives as an initiative to stay in touch with their customers/consumers/fans etc. it is equally their responsibility to behave when they ask their questions or vent their frustration.

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They’re big boys, they can handle it.

With that said some of the fan base are lame as hell.


Just out of interest, and conscious none of us were there and we’re not operating with all the facts, but from the thread above do you feel the fans went beyond that here?

Spouting shite about concentrating about the positives when you were fucking dire leads to upset.
Good that Edu gets to feel the wrath. It’s not the club you left need to realise that.


Genuine question: do most other clubs hold these types of Q&A where fans can converse directly with the higher echelons of management?

What’s so much better this transfer window?

Or the one last winter last for that matter?

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No I just went on what was said in that tweet Flexo posted and the comments in the tweet, so I kind of tried to say it as a more general opinion stretching beyond this particular meeting.

So, to expand a bit to explain:
I know from personal experience as well that just reading their words in text, as you say, without being there and having the context… I look at myself for example, I am a very calm person at almost all times, but I curse a lot (thanks mum and dad), so it probably looks a lot more… emotional and aggressive in text, but it really isn’t, I just rarely bother explaining it, like here on OA, because again it’s just words :slight_smile: I learned from having a gf from another country for nearly a decade now, and she’s notified me a billion times about how I write when we text etc. so I try to… use more smileys and lols nowadays to soften the language a bit - point is I can’t tell. But I like your question, and no to me it looks perfectly fine. In text. But again I personally don’t bother too much with how a message is delivered usually, but back on topic, it would be bad if we as fans are just dicks in these meetings and they stop having them and distance themselves further.

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Totally agreed and thanks for expanding. I figured you didn’t think so but maybe it could have read as if you did. I try to ask rather than assume and sometimes I’m better at it than others. :slight_smile:

And the personal insight you included was just an added delight :smiley:

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Evenso can Arsenal, under current ownership, be a true contender in this environment? I know everybody wants to point to Liverpool and what they are doing, but they got lucky to get a top manager in and are beating the odds. The football landscape has changed in such a way in the last ten years that 3rd place might just be the ceiling for Arsenal. We are close to that.

That’s reflected on these forums.

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Congratulations to who attended at the Q 'n A with Sanllehi, Edu and Vinai. These people preferred to moan about the money to spend and haven’t asked about the new contracts for Aubameyang and Lacazette, what will happen with Koscielny and the outgoing players. Stupid donkeys.


They wouldn’t have really been able to answer anything regarding Koscielny or other possible exits either, but yeah the questions that were asked are just astonishing.

It’s amazing that the same people who give them dogs abuse for how irresponsible they are running the club (which is warranted in part) will then ask utterly daft questions regarding current transfer targets. So they want the club to be run better yet then ask their senior officials to make public statements about deals that are currently being pursued? It’s just absolutely stupid.

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They are always going to have a uphill struggle with these Q and A meetings, with the last few seasons, not been in the title race, seen Spurs getting to a CL final and our collapse last season. Throw in still plenty of the dead wood left and the recent signings not exactly going to get fan’s excited. It’s going to lead to fan’s getting angry.

As I said just going by on here why I think the fanbase is just as big a problem as the stuff going on in the club, fan’s attacking fan’s. The club’s a mess.

They can’t be shocked at the fan’s reaction. What have they seen so far to get them excited for this upcoming season. They see the same bottlers still around and not shipped out, the club captain go on strike, been linked to top players only to see youngsters and loan deals been bought in, fine for the future but what about the here and now. Seen their club become the laughing stock of the footballing world when once we were one of it’s giants. I know this is going to be a long and hard battle back to the top, but they need to give fan’s something to get excited about.


I applaud the organization for coming out and being as transparent as possible, and I ascribe to what they are selling us atm. We weren’t gonna go from 63 points to winning the league over night. ESPECIALLY with a good amount of turnover in backroom staff. Ppl need to chill tf out.

Having said that, there are still several concerning things like absolutely zero progression under Emery last season, no identity as a team, and a baffling transfer window.


Better transcript of the event

Yeah, I agree.
How dare the nasty supporters, who pay a large percentage of their income in supporting a club, complain about the shambles they are getting in return, while watching all their rivals and teams below them catch them up and overtake them.

In what other form of entertainment or retail would a continual failure to do anything more than the bare minimum be tolerated?

But we’re told regularly, just wait another few seasons and then everything will be fine.

How long are people going to keep putting up with this nonsense before they realise it’s not going to change?